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Abbott, Mary Perkins (Ives).
     The Beverleys: a story of Calcutta.
Chicago, A.C. McClurg. 1890
Wright bibliography number 7.
     Reel: A-1

A'Becket, John J.
     A change of temperature.
In Some short stories.

A'Becket, John J.
     The song of the comforter.
In Stories of Italy.

A'Becket, John J.
     The vigil of Fenton Barlowe.
In F.E. McKay, ed., Vignettes.

Abeel, David.
     The missionary convention at Jerusalem or, An exhibition of the claims of the world to the gospel.
New York, J.S. Taylor. 1838
Wright bibliography number 1.
     Reel: Sup 1

Abel Griscom's letters.
Boston, J.A. & W. Bird. 1905
Wright bibliography number 1.
     Reel: 1

Abrams, Albert.
     Scattered leaves from a physician's diary.
St. Louis, Fortnightly Press Co. 1900
Wright bibliography number 8.
     Reel: A-2

Abrams, Albert.
     Transactions of the Antiseptic club.
New York, E.B. Treat [etc.]. 1895
Wright bibliography number 9.
     Reel: A-2

Abrams, Alexander St. Clair.
     The trials of the soldier's wife: a tale of the Second American Revolution.
Atlanta, Intelligencer Steam Power Press. 1864
Wright bibliography number 5.
     Reel: A-1

Abrojal, Tulis [pseud.].
     An index finger.
New York, R.F. Fenno & Co. 1898
Wright bibliography number 10.
     Reel: A-

Aby, Joseph C.
     The tales of Rube Hoffenstein.
New York, W.B. Smith & Co. [1888]
Wright bibliography number 11.
     Reel: A-2

An account of the marvelous doings of Prince Alcohol, as seen by one of his enemies, in dreams.
[n.p.]. 1847
Wright bibliography number 1.
     Reel: A-1

Ackerman, A.W.
     The price of peace. A story of the times of Ahab, king of Israel.
Chicago, A.C. McClurg and Co. 1894
Wright bibliography number 12.
     Reel: A-2

Ackerman, Miss R.H.
     The farmer's daughters; or, Moving into town.
In S. Cobb, Orlando Chester.

Acklan, William Hayes.
     Sterope: the veiled Pleiad.
Washington, Gibson Bros. 1892
Wright bibliography number 13.
     Reel: A-2

Aconite, Tobias [pseud.].
     A narrative of startling interest!! Edward Barnett, a neglected child of South Carolina, who rose to be a peer of Great Britain.
St. Louis, H.H. Randall. [c1855]
Wright bibliography number 6.
     Reel: A-1

The actress in high life: an episode in winter quarters.
New York, Derby & Jackson. 1860
Wright bibliography number 7.
     Reel: A-1

Adams, Andy.
     The log of a cowboy: a narrative of the old trail days.
Boston; New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company. 1903
Wright bibliography number 2; Illustrated by E. Boyd Smith.
     Reel: 1

Adams, Andy.
     The outlet.
Boston; New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company. [1905]
Wright bibliography number 3; Illustrated by E. Boyd Smith.
     Reel: 1

Adams, Andy.
     A Texas matchmaker.
Boston; New York, Houghton, Mifflin and Company. 1904
Wright bibliography number 4; illustrated by E. Boyd Smith.
     Reel: 1

Adams, Anne P.
In J. Griffiths, ed., Autographs for .

Adams, Anne P.
     Otta Held and other stories.
New York, Carlton & Porter. 1856
Wright bibliography number 8; by a preacher.

[Adams, Charles].
     The adventures of my cousin Smooth.
New York, Miller, Orton & Mulligan. 1856
Wright bibliography number 9; by Timothy Templeton [pseud.].
     Reel: A-1

Adams, Charles Abel.
     An ocean special.
New York, The Author. 1900
Wright bibliography number 14.
     Reel: NA

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