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The aborigines of New South Wales.
Sydney: Published by authority of the New South Wales Commissioners for the World's Columbian Exposition by Charles Potter Government Printer. 1892
Reference No. 827; 1893-Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.; World's Columbian Exposition; 102 p.: ill., tables, maps; A description by John Fraser of the social and ethnic characteristics of Australian aborigines.
     Reel: 96, No. 14

An account of the colony of South Australia.
London: Robert K. Burt. 1862
Reference No. 87; 1862-London, England; International Exhibition of 1862; together with a catalogue of all the products of South Australia exhibited in the South Australian Court of the International Exhibition; [4], 96 p.: tables, fold-out map; A history and description (geographic, agricultural, religious, economic, social) of the colony, prepared by Frederick Sinnett.
     Reel: 14, No. 4

An account of the prisons of Massachusetts.
Boston: Wright and Potter Printing Company. 1904
Reference No. 1357; 1904-St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.; Louisiana Purchase Centennial International Exposition; 47 p.: ill., plans; Description of Massachusetts prisons prepared by Frederick G. Pettigrove for the Massachusetts Board of Exposition Managers.
     Reel: 147, No. 7

An account of the proceedings at the dinner given by Mr. George Peabody to the Americans connected with the Great Exhibition.
London: William Pickering. 1851
Reference No. 7; 1851-London, England; Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations; 114 p.: ill.; A memorial book, printed for private distribution, commemorating a dinner given by George Peabody on 27 October 1851 at the London Coffee House for a number of distinguished American visitors to the Great Exhibition. Included on the guest list are Abbott Lawrence, U.S. ambassador to Great Britain; Henry L. Bulwer, British ambassador to the United States; Earl Granville, chairman of the Royal Commission; Robert J. Walker, U.S. secretary of the Treasury; and Thomson Hankey, governor of the Bank of England.
     Reel: 2, No. 2

An act relative to the Centennial International Exhibition, to be held in the city of Philadelphia, state of Pennsylvania, in the year eighteen hundred and seventy-six.
Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. 1872
Reference No. 253; 1876-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.; United States Centennial International Exhibition; 9 p.; An Act of Congress approved 1 June 1872 establishing a Centennial Board of Finance, outlining its duties, and appointing members.
     Reel: 45, No. 9

Additional appropriation for the executive departments of the United States at the Centennial Exhibition.
Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office. 1876
Reference No. 254; 1876-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.; United States Centennial International Exhibition; 36 p.; Request to Congress for additional funds, with progress reports from specific departments (44th Cong., 1st sess. Ex. Doc. 148).
     Reel: 45, No. 10

[Address before American Institute].
[New York]. [Oct. 1856]
Reference No. 72; Item not available for filming 1853-1854-New York, New York, U.S.A.; Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations; Mss. vol. i: p. [557-718].; Comments by Alexander Dallas Bache on the New York Crystal Palace Exhibition in the context of the growth of various American educational institutions and the need for a national university. Compares American exhibitions to earlier European ones.

An address delivered before the N.Y. State Agricultural Society at their annual meeting in the capitol at Albany, February 12, 1868.
Albany: Chas. Van Benthuysen and Sons. 1868
Reference No. 158; 1867-Paris, France; Exposition universelle; 56 p.; A general description of the exhibition by U.S. Commissioner Elliot C. Cowdin.
     Reel: 23, No. 6

Address of Edward Atkinson of Boston, Massachusetts.
Boston: A. Williams and Company. 1881
Reference No. 529; Item not available for filming; 1881-Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.; International Cotton Exposition; 36 p.; Address delivered at the invitation of Atlanta merchants by Edward Atkinson in October 1880, for the promotion of an international cotton exhibition. Credit is given Atkinson, a northerner, for demonstrating the positive reception such an event would receive.

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