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A.N.S. to Christopher Millard regarding the caricature of Sir William Wilde which appeared in the periodical, Ireland's Eye.
August 29, 1974.; English; Wildeiana Box 7.8B.
     Reel: 39, Item No. 12

"According to the Pall Mall gazette, aestheticism has broken out again, and in the interval since the last outbreak its devotees have grown mortal and stout."
December 18, 1890. Caricature from Moonshine (?).; English; Wildeiana Box 7.27A.
     Reel: 39, Item No. 40

"All London' at the Haymarket."
In The Westminister budget, April 28, 1893, p. 17. (Review of the costume designs in the Haymarket Theatre production of A woman of no importance. With 3 illustrations of the actors).; English; Wildeiana Box 2.15A.
     Reel: 36, Item No. 47

"The American lady who purchased our Oscar's tresses and banged the chignon with them."
Caricature.; English; Wildeiana Box 7.6C.
     Reel: 39, Item No. 8

[Announcement for the publication of] The Duchess of Padua: a tragedy of the sixteenth century by Oscar Wilde.
S.1.: Privately printed. 1903
Bibliographical material, 1880-1939.; English; Wildeiana Box 4.1F.
     Reel: 37, Item No. 25

[Announcement for the publication of] The trial of Oscar Wilde, from the shorthand reports.
Paris: Privately printed, 1906. 1906
Bibliographical material, 1880-1939.; English; Wildeiana Box 4.1G.
     Reel: 37, Item No. 26

"Announcement of a new and greatly enlarged series of 'The lady's world' under the title of 'The woman's world." Edited by Mr. Oscar Wilde. Commencing with the November part, published Oct. 26, 1887 . . .. "
1 leaf advertisement, 23 x 29-1/2 cm, mounted on card 28-1/2 x 41 cm; Bibliographical material, 1880-1939.; English; Wildeiana Box 4.1B.
     Reel: 37, Item No. 21

"The Apostle of the Aesthetes": [Illustration of Oscar Wilde after Sarony].
In The Hour (New York), September 3, 1881.; English; Wildeiana Box 7.9.
     Reel: 39, Item No. 13

Archer, William.
     "About the theatre. The English drama in German -- A talk with Dr. Meyerfield -- Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, Gordon Craig -- German managers and authors -- The kaiser and the theatre."
From an unknown newspaper, 1906. Clipping concerning German translations and productions of Oscar Wilde's plays.; English; Wildeiana Box 2.17C.
     Reel: 36, Item No. 55

Archer, William.
     "A drama and its story."
[Review for the German translation of A Duchess of Padua, translated by Max Meyerfield]. In an unknown newspaper, 1904. Bibliographical material, 1880-1939.; English; Wildeiana Box 4.1J.
     Reel: 37, Item No. 28

Archer, William.
     "Lord Arthur Savile's crime."
From an unknown magazine, 1891? (Review of Oscar Wilde's Lord Arthur Savile's crime and other stories). Bibliographical material, 1880-1939.; English; Wildeiana Box 4.1C.
     Reel: 37, Item No. 22

Archer, William.
     "Mr. Oscar Wilde's 'Dorian Gray.'"
In Pall Mall budget, July 3, 1890, p. 862. (Review of The picture of Dorian Gray). Bibliographical material, 1880-1939.; English; Wildeiana Box 4.1D.
     Reel: 37, Item No. 23

"Art and aesthetics. Arrival of Oscar Wilde -- a tribune reporter escorts him to the Opera House. His lecture on decorative arts -- description of his appearance -- an agreeable disappointment. Interesting interview with the poet."
In The daily tribune (Denver, Colorado), April 13, 1882, p. 8.; English; Wildeiana Box 10.10.
     Reel: 40, Item No. 18

[Artist unknown].
     [Caricature of Oscar Wilde holding a flower] [art original].
1 drawing: pencil on lined notebook paper; image 24.5 x 20 cm; English; Wildeiana Box 1.16.
     Reel: 36, Item No. 23

[Artist unknown].
     "Days with celebrities (47) Lord Randolph Churchill"
41 x 28 cm; Caricature; [Magazine clipping pasted onto card]. In Moonshine, [1882].; English; Wildeiana Box 1.14B.
     Reel: 36, Item No. 20

[Artist unknown].
     Etching of 1.10 [Drawing of Oscar Wilde resting his head on his left fingers by Albert Sterner] [art print].
1 etching: b&w; image 19.5 x 14.5 cm, on sheet 37.5 x 15.5 cm; English; Wildeiana Box 1.2D.
     Reel: 36, Item No. 4

[Artist unknown].
     [four individuals holding hands in a theater lobby; posters of Wilde, Whistler & Rossetti in background; sunflower, lily at margins] [art print].
1 print: col. Chromolithograph; image 35 x 25.5 cm; In The judge, 1883.; English; Wildeiana Box 7.64.
     Reel: 39, Item No. 85

[Artist unknown].
     "Lord Alfred Douglas." [3/4 profile of Lord Alfred Douglas] [art original].
1 drawing: pencil; image 16.5 x 9.5 cm; Inscription in lower left: WS Nov 1895.; English; Wildeiana Box 1.6.
     Reel: 36, Item No. 9

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