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Agassiz Association. Manhattan Chapter, New York.
     Exhibition of Photographs, 1892 (Exhibition Catalogue).
New York. 1892
     Reel: 3, No. 22

Agle, A.
     Manuel pratique de photographic instantanee.
Paris: Gauthier-Villars. 1887
     Reel: 3, No. 22.1

Akeley Camera, Inc., New York.
     The Akeley camera; "the camera of superior accomplishments," manufactured.
[New York?]. [1921]
     Reel: 3, No. 23

Albert, August, 1854-1932.
     Die verschiedenen methoden des lichtdruckes.
Halle a. S., W. Knapp. 1900
Geschichtlich geschildert von August Albert ... Mit 15 illustrationen.
     Reel: 3, No. 24

Albites, Titus.
     La photographie simple fee sans cabinet noir ni Tente de voyage.
Paris. 1861
     Reel: 3, No. 25

Album de la galerie contemporaine.
Paris, Revue illustrée. [187-?]
     Reel: 3, No. 26

Album de l'École Centrale / [clichés de Franck].
Paris: Geymet. [187-?]
     Reel: 3, No. 27

Album de Touraine d'après le daguerréotype: Plessisles-Tours & Maison Tristan.
Tours: Clarey-Martineau. [1854?]
     Reel: 3, No. 28

Album du daguerréotype reproduit, ornés de vues de Paris, en épreuves de luxe, avec texte.
Paris, Chez l'éditeur. [184-]
     Reel: 3, No. 29

Alexander, William.
     Correct exposure with the miniature camera.
Canton, O., The Fomo publishing company. [c.1936]
     Reel: 3, No. 30

Alinari, Fratelli, Florence.
     Catalogue of photographs of Northern Italy.
Firenze. 1925-1938
     Reel: 4, No. 32

Alinari, Fratelli, Florence.
     Catalogue of photographs of Southern Italy.
Firenze. 1820-1836
     Reel: 3, No. 31

Alinari, Fratelli, Florence.
     Riccordi de Firenze fotografie dei Fratelli Alinari.
Firenze. [c.1870]
     Reel: 4, No. 33

Allen, Richard.
     The home and grave of Byron: a souvenir of Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire.
Nottingham: R. Allen. [1874?]
     Reel: 4, No. 34

Alli, Darogha Ubbas.
     The Lucknow album.
Calcutta. 1874
Containing a series of fifty photographic views of Lucknow and its environs.
     Reel: 4, No. 36

American Institute of the City of New York. Photographical section.
     Catalogue of exhibits [of] the Photographical section, American institute in connection with the 67th annual fair at the National academy of design, September 26th to October 8th, 1898.
[New York]. [1898]
     Reel: 5, No. 38

American Museum of Natural History. New York.
     Photography album.
New York, G. L. Feuardent. [n.d.]
     Reel: 5, No. 39

American pictorial photography. Series two.
New York, Published for "Camera notes" by the Publication committee of the Camera club.
     Reel: 5, No. 41

American School of Art and Photography, Scranton, Pa.
     Architectural photography, with difficulties encountered.
Scranton, American School of Art and Photography. 1906
Parts I and II. Third edition.
     Reel: 5, No. 42

American School of Art and Photography, Scranton, Pa.
     Library of amateur photography.
Scranton, Pa., American School of Art and Photography. 1911
     Reel: 5, No. 43

Amicis, Edmondo de, 1846-1908.
Philadelphia, Porter & Coates. 1894
Translated from the 13th edition of the Italian by Helen Zimmern.
     Reel: 6, No. 44

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