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Aborigines Protection Society, London.
     Canada west and Hudson's bay company: a political and humane questions of vital importance.
London. 1856
Peel. S11.
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 326

Aborigines Protection Society, London.
     The Red River insurrection: three letters and a narrative of events.
London. 1870
Peel 236.
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 327

Adams, William Lysander.
     Lecture on Oregon and the Pacific coast.
Boston. 1869
0; Howes A73. Smith 50.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 1

Adams, William Lysander.
     Melodrama entitled "Treason, stratagems and spoils"
Portland, Ore. 1852
Illus. Smith 51.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 2

Adams, William Lysander.
     Oregon as it is.
Portland, Ore. 1873
Tables; Howes A74. Smith 52.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 3

Addresses and memorials…upon the occasion of the retirement of Sir James Douglas.
Deal, Eng. 1864
Smith 55. SF 122$5.00.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 7

Albemarle, William Coutts Keppel, 7th earl of.
     Balance sheet of the Washington treaty of 1872 in account with the people of Great Britain.
London. 1873
Fold. Map.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 4

Alderson, Matt W.
     Bozeman; a guide.
Bozeman, Mont. 1883
Map. Howes A108. Smith 103.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 5

Alley, B. F.
     Linn County, Oregon, descriptive and resources.
Albany, Ore. 1889
0; Howes A168. Smith 147.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 6

Amos, Andrew.
     Report of trials in the courts of Canada relative to the destruction of the Earl of Selkirk's settlement.
London. 1820
Fold. map. Peel 114.
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 328

Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.
     A brief account of the province of British Columbia.
Victoria, B.C. 1883
Fold. map. Smith 221.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 8

Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.
     The Dominion at the west.
Victoria. 1872
Smith 222.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 10

Anderson, Alexander Caulfield.
     Hand book and map to the gold region of Fraser's and Thompson's rivers.
San Francisco. 1858
Fold. map. Smith 223.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 9

Anderson, David.
     A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Rupert's land.
London. 1851
Peel 114.
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 329

Anderson, David.
     Notes of the flood at the Red river, 1852.
London. 1852
Front. Peel 122.
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 330

Angelo, C. Aubrey.
     Sketches of travel in Oregon and Idaho.
New York. 1866
Map. (folded).; Howes A277. Smith 252.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 11

Anti-Monopoly Association of the Pacific Coast.
     A history of the wrongs of Alaska.
San Francisco. 1875
Smith 257.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 12

Arctic miscellanies. A souvenir of the late polar search. By the officers and seamen of the expedition.
London. 1852
Col. front., illus.
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 331

An argument upon the justice and expediency of the order…detaining all ships bound to the ports of Spain.
London. 1805
Smith 274.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 13

Armstrong, A. N.
     Oregon; comprising a brief history and full description.
Chicago. 1857
Howes A318. Smith 285.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 14

Armstrong, Alexander, Sir.
     A personal narrative of the discovery of the north-west passage.
London. 1857
Col. front., fold. map.
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 332

Articles of agreement, for carrying on an expedition by Hudson's Streights for the discovery of a North-west passage.
London. 1745
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 333

Artigue, Jean d'.
     Six years in the Canadian north-west.
Toronto. 1882
Peel 455.
     Reel: CNW 1, No. 334

Atkinson, George Henry.
     The northwest coast, including Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
Portland, Ore. 1878
Map (fold).; Howes A368. Smith 344.
     Reel: PNW 1, No. 15

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