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Abstract of a council about Indian affairs.
1748° 15 June
Massachusetts Archives, Boston, Mass., Massachusetts Archives, Vol. 31.
     Reel: 13

Abstract of Indian annuities in 1805 received from Indian Agents Office.
1805 2 Mar
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., Manuscript Department, Gratz Collection, Box 5, Case 4.
     Reel: 44

Abstract of the correspondences between M. de Beauharnois, governor of New France, and New York Governor Burnet.
1728 16 Mar
N.Y. Col. Docs., 9: 999-1002.
     Reel: 10

Abstracts of dispatches from Canada with notes of the Minister of Marine thereon.
1696 25 Feb (II)
N.Y. Col. Docs., 9: 634-636.
     Reel: 5

Abstracts of dispatches relating to Oswego and Niagara.
N.Y. Col. Docs., 9: 976-980.
     Reel: 9

Abstracts of letters concerning the Abenakis. Mentions that deputies of the Five Nations assure Vaudreuil that they will not take up arms against Abenakis.
1725 25 Apr
N.Y. Col. Docs., 9: 945-947.
     Reel: 9

Abstracts of letters from governor of New France, M. de la Barre, Sieur de Bartillon, Ambassador from the Court of France to England, Sieur de Meulles, and the Bishop of Quebec.
1682 12 Nov
N.Y.Col, Docs., 9: 196-199.
     Reel: 2

Abstracts of M. de Dononville's letters and of the French Minister of Marine's answers thereto.
1686 (II)
N.Y. Col. Docs., 9: 312-318.
     Reel: 3

Account for medicines for the Six Nations and Mississagas at treaty at Albany.
1746 Aug
See 29 Mar 1748.
     Reel: 13

Account for medicines for the Six Nations and Mississagas at treaty at Albany, Aug 1746.
1748 29 Mar
Signed by Richard Shuckburgh. Witnessed by John Catherwood. Clements Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., George Clinton Papers, Vol. 17.
     Reel: 13

Account of a friend of Abbot de Gallinée and conversations with LaSalle about his eleven years in Canada. Iroquois criticism of Frontenac's long harangue in council, and LaSalle's council with Senecas.
(In French.) Decouvertes Et Etablissements Des Francais Dans L'Ouest Et Dans Le Sud De l'Amerique Septentrionale (1614-1754): Memoires Et Documents Originaux Recueillis Et Publies Par Pierre Margry, (Paris: D. Jouaust, 1876-1886), 1: 345-401.
     Reel: 2

An account of a meeting with Senecas of Genessee.
1764 [1 Aug 1764] (II)
[Incomplete.] New York State Library, Albany, N.Y., Manuscripts, Sir William Johnson Papers, 24: 215.
     Reel: 27

Account of a treaty between N.Y. Gov. Fletcher and the Five Nations, at Albany.
1694 15-28 Aug
(Printed in New York by W. Bradford, 1694).
     Reel: 5

Account of a treaty held by New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania with the Six Nations, at Albany.
1745 Oct (III)
(Printed in Philadelphia by B. Franklin, 1746.).
     Reel: 12

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