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Abbott, Edward.
     Letter to Sir Guy Carleton.
1778 8 June
British Library, London, England, Haldimand Papers, Add. Mss 21,782, Fol. 41-42v.
     Reel: 34

Abeel (O'Bail), captain.
     To Israel Chapin, about councils at Buffalo Creek.
1794 1 Feb
The New-York Historical Society, New York, N.Y., O'Reilly Papers.
     Reel: 42

Abeel, Major.
     Letter to N.Y. Gov. Fletcher.
1695 27 Aug Not available
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N.Y., (On indefinite loan from National Archives and Records Service), Livingston Family Papers, Indian Affairs.
     Reel: 5

Abercromby, General.
     To General Forbes concerning means of holding one thousand Cherokees at Winchester.
1758 25 Apr
Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif., Ab 200.
     Reel: 22

Abercromby, General.
     To General Forbes. The Cherokees became tired of waiting, seized presents and distributed them among themselves.
1758 4 June
Huntington Library, San Marino, California, Ab 318.
     Reel: 22

Abercromby, General.
     To Gov. Denny. Is waiting to hear from William Johnson.
1758 20 Apr
Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif., Ab 176.
     Reel: 22

Abercromby, General.
     To Gov. Denny. Not to make a treaty with Teedyuscung until hears from William Johnson.
1758 10 Apr
Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif.
     Reel: 22

Abercromby, General.
     To William Pitt. Report on the state of Indian Affairs.
1758 24 May
Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif., Ab 284.
     Reel: 22

Abercromby, James.
     Proceedings of Indian Affairs. Speech to the Indians of the Six Nations who joined the British troops.
1758 8 July (II)
Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Federal Archives Division, Indian Records, Rg 10, Vol. 1823, between 262 And 263. (Very light.).
     Reel: 22

Abercromby, James.
     Speech to the Six Nations about troops being sent to the Great Carrying Place (Oneida Carrying Place).
1758º 8 July
Sir William Johnson Papers, 9: 941-942.
     Reel: 22

Abraham, Mohawk chief.
     The Indians' answer at a conference between the Indians and Magistrates and Committee of Town of Schenectady and Major Corporation and Committee of City of Albany, etc.
Newberry Library, Chicago, Il., Ayer Ms, N.A. 7.
     Reel: 31

Abraham, Mohawk chief.
     Speech of Abraham delivered at the meeting of an Albany Committee with the Mohawks.
1773º 21 Dec
Sir William Johnson Papers, 8: 965-968.
     Reel: 30

Abraham, Mohawk chief.
     The speech to William Johnson, respecting lands of Kayaderosseras; and William Johnson's answer.
1764 20 Sept
The Cadwallader Colden Papers, Collections of the New York Historical Society, 6: 347-349.
     Reel: 27

Abstract from journals of the treaty with the Six Nations.
1775 14 Dec
Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Conn., Wolcott Papers, Vol. 1, 15-19.
     Reel: 32

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