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Abbot, Abiel.
     A discourse delivered at Plymouth December 22, 1809, at the celebration of the 188th anniversary of the landing of our forefathers in that place.
Boston: Greenough and Stebbins. 1810
pastor of the First church in Beverly; LC# 25-3660.
     Fiche: 40,028

Abbot, Abiel.
     Reply to Mr. Abbot's statement of proceedings in the First Society in Coventry, Conn.
Hartford: B. Gleason. 1812
Church History.
by the Association in Tolland County.
     Fiche: 4,871

Abbot, Abiel.
     A statement of proceedings in the First Society in Coventry, Conn.: which terminated in the removal of the pastor.
Boston: J. Eliot. 1811
Practical Theology.
     Fiche: 4,848

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot.
     History of King Philip, sovereign chief of the Wampanoags.
New York, Harper & brothers. 1857
Including the early history of the settlers of New England; LC# 2-16812.
     Fiche: 41,649

Abbott, Lyman.
     Laicus; or, The experiences of a layman in a country parish.
New York, Dodd & Mead. 1872
LC# 5-42608.
     Fiche: 63,411

Abbott, Lyman, 1835-1922.
     Henry Ward Beecher: a sketch of his career, with analyses of his power as a preacher, lecturer.
Hartford, Conn.: American Publishing Co. 1887
assisted by S.B. Halliday.
     Fiche: 2,304-2,311

Abercrombie, James.
     A sermon, occasioned by the death of Major Gen. Alexander Hamilton, who was killed by Aaron Burr, esq. vice president of the United States, in a duel, July 11, 1804.
Philadelphia: H. Maxwell, North second-street, opposite Christ-church. 1804
Preached, in Christ-church and St. Peter's, Philadelphia, on Sunday, July 22d, 1804, one of the assistant ministers of Christ-church and St. Peter's ...; LC# 5-18221.
     Fiche: 48,869

Abercrombie, James.
     A sermon, preached in Christ church and St. Peter's, Philadelphia: on Wednesday, May 9, 1798.
Philadelphia: John Ormrod, no. 41, Chestnut-street. [1798]
Being the day appointed by the President, as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer, throughout the United States of North America; LC# 20-12779.
     Fiche: 40,027

An Account of the reasons why a considerable number... belonging to the New North congregation in Boston, could not consent to Mr. Peter Thacher's ordination there.
[Boston: s.n.]. 1720
Dogmatic Theology.
     Fiche: 4,962

Ackerman, A. W.
     The price of peace. A story of the times of Ahab, king of Israel.
Chicago, A. C. McClurg and company. 1894
LC# 5-42990.
     Fiche: A-37,222

Adams, Amos.
     Religious liberty an invaluable blessing.
Boston: Kneeland and Adams. 1768
Practical Theology.
illustrated in two discourses, preached at Roxbury, Dec. 3, 1767.
     Fiche: 4,836

Adams, Amos.
     Songs of victory directed by human compassion, and qualified with Christian benevolence; in a sermon delivered at Roxbury, October 25, 1759.
Boston, Edes and Gill. 1759
On the general thanksgiving, for the success of His Majesty's arms, "more particularly, in the reduction of Quebec, the capital of Canada."; LC# 16-14560.
     Fiche: 40,396

Adams, Edwin G.
     An historical discourse in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the formation of the First Congregational Church in Templeton, Massachusetts.
Boston: Crosby, Nichols. 1857
Church History.
with an appendix, embracing a survey of the municipal affairs of the town.
     Fiche: 4,201-4,203

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