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Andreas (?Silvanus) - Unknown.
     Confitemini Domino, quoniam bonus.
1st half of 16th century
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 19583 ff.1b-45; Hughes-Hughes vol.i, 261-2; Type: Ms. Single vocal parts (1st or 2nd treble or tenor).
Genre: Sacred Vocal Music: Motets
     Reel: 20

Anerio, Felice - Italian.
     Quelle rose.
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 37402-6; Hughes-Hughes vol.iii, 223. From Le Gioje, 1589; Type: Ms. Vocal partbooks: first & second treble, countertenor, quintus, bassus.
Genre: Instrumental Chamber Music: Madrigals Arranged For 5 Viols
     Reel: 35

Anerio, Felice - Italian.
     Quelle rose.
After 1597
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 30820-22; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 130. Collected by Benedetto Pallavicino; Type: Ms. Partbooks [Treble, tenor & bass].
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: 5-part Madrigals Without Words
     Reel: 29

Anerio, Felice (Attrib.) - Italian.
     Quell rose.
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 34050; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 143. Copied in England.; Type: Ms. Tenor partbook only.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: 5-part Madrigals
     Reel: 32

Angus, John - Scottish.
     My soul doth magnify the Lord; O Lord, because my harts desire; What man soever he be; Attend my people and give eare; Now suffer me, O Lord; Our Father, which in heaven art; Al my beliefe and confidence; Give peace in thses dayes.
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 33933; Hughes-Hughes vol.i, 180-82. Thomas Wode's part-book: transcripts of the Scottish metrical Psalter of 1566; Type: Ms. Single part (countertenor).
Genre: Sacred Vocal Music: Canticles With Hymn Tunes
     Reel: 32

Animuccia, Paolo - Italian.
     Valli vicine.
After 1604
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms30823-5; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 142; Type: Ms. 3 Partbooks.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: 3-part Madrigals Without Words
     Reel: 29

     Ades...firmissime fidem teneamus Trinitatis; Tribum quem non abhorruit; Flos vernalis, stirps regalis.
14th century
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 28550 ff.43-4v; Hughes-Hughes vol.i, 425. RISM IV/2, 236. The Robertsbridge Manuscript; Type: Ms. Melody written on single 5-line stave in square & diamond notes, letters underneath apparently for organ accompaniment.
Genre: Sacred Vocal Music
     Reel: 20

     Altro non è'l mio amor che il proprio Inferno.
16th century
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 31389 ff.17, 18; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 466; Type: Ms. With Italian lute tablature.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Italian Songs For Voice And Lute
     Reel: 30

     Amor me rere che d'amor.
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 29481 ff.14, 32b; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 155; Type: Ms. Treble part.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Madrigals
     Reel: 24

     Angelus ad pastores.
Late 16th century
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 22597 f.16b; Hughes-Hughes vol.i, 142; Type: Ms. Tenor partbook.
Genre: Sacred Vocal Music: Carols
     Reel: 20

     Angelus apparuit; Dum crumena plena tumet ere; O nacio nephandi generis; Ave, Jhesu Christe, verbum patris; Veste vili; Veni, sancte spiritus, et emitte celitus; Descendi in ortum meum; Rerum omnium dominus; Salve, Maria regia; Dat superis inferis gaudia; Rosula fructu perfulcitur; Salve, pater luminum; Mulierum hodie Major natus; Anima mea liquefacta est; Alleluia. Jhesu nos livore sana; Ave, tronus trinitatis; O Inestimabile triclinium; Consolare, virgo; Tota pulchra es, amica mea; Ave, virgo gloriosa; ave parens; Hec est domus domini; Benedicamus Domino; Adam cum viragine; O primarium veri sacrarium cordis armarium.
15th century
Hughes-Hughes vol.i, 256. RISM IV/4, 612. ? Of Bavarian origin.; Type: Ms. Medius part followed by ground tenor with different words: troped introits, proses, cantica &c.
Genre: Sacred Vocal Music: Tropary: 2-part Music
     Reel: 20

     Anna veni; sequimur for 6 voices.
After 1604
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 36484 f.18; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 194. Refers to Anne, Queen of Denmark d.1619.; Type: Ms. Bass part only.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Motets
     Reel: 34

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