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Allen, Thomas Newton.
     Chronicles of Oldfields.
Seattle, Wash., The Alice Harriman company. 1909
LC# 9-30633 A.
     Fiche: 75,377 LCP

Allen, William G.
     The American prejudice against color.
London, W. and F.G. Cash; [etc., etc.]. 1853
An authentic narrative, showing how easily the nation got into an uproar. By W.G. Allen, a refugee from American despotism; LC# 1-26231.
     Fiche: 42,193 LCP

Allison, John.
     The slavery question.
[Washington, D.C., Buell & Blanchard, printers]. [1856]
Speech of Hon. John Allison, of Pa., delivered in the House of representatives, April 1, 1856; LC# 10-31612.
     Fiche: A-62,203 LCP

Almada, Jose de.
     ... Comparative essay on indentured labour at St. Thome and Principe, by Jose de Almada, head-section in the Colonial office, private secretary to the minister for foreign affairs.
Lisbon, National printing office. 1913
LC# 16-9948.
     Fiche: A-10,081 LCP

Alonso y Sanjurjo, Eugenio.
     Apuntes sobre los proyectos de abolicion de la esclavitud en las islas de Cuba y Puerto Rico.
Madrid, impr. de la Biblioteca de instruccion y recreo. [1874?]
LC# 45-32707.
     Fiche: A-75,380 LCP

Alston, William Jeffreys.
     The slavery question.
[Washington,Printed at the Congressional globe office]. [1850]
Speech of Hon. Wm. J. Alston, of Alabama, in the House of representatives, April 18, 1850, in Committee of the whole on the state of the Union, on the President's message transmitting the constitution of California; LC# 19-15459.
     Fiche: A-62,205 LCP

Alvarado, Hermogenes.
     ... Segunda conferencia historica de propaganda patriotica, por el doctor Don Hermogenes Alvarado h.
San Salvador, El Salvador, Tip. la Union. 1920
LC# 24-9634.
     Fiche: A-68,637 LCP

Alves Pocadas, Jose Augusto.
     ... La main d'oeuvre indigene a Angola.
Lisbonne, Impr. "A Editora limitada," 1914
LC# 15-19700.
     Fiche: A-55,960 LCP

Alvord, Clarence Walworth, ed.
     ... Governor Edward Coles.
Springfield, Ill., The trustees of the Illinois state historical library. 1920
ed. with introduction and notes by Clarence Walworth Alvord; LC# 21-27170.
     Fiche: A-68,639 LCP

American and Foreign Anti-Slavery reporter.
New York. 1840-1846
2 v.
     Fiche: 52,864ALCP

[American and Foreign Anti-slavery Society].
     An address to the anti-slavery Christians of the United States.
New-York, Printed by J A, Gray. 1852
LC# 11-7594.
     Fiche: A-68,484 LCP

[American and Foreign Anti-slavery Society].
     Address to the inhabitants of New Mexico andCalifornia, on the omission by Congress to provide them with territorial governments, and on thesocial and political evils of slavery.
New York, The Am. & for. anti-slavery society. 1849
LC# 11-11727.
     Fiche: A-68,496 LCP

[American and Foreign Anti-slavery Society].
     The Fugitive slave bill: its history and unconstitutionality; with an account of the seizure and enslavement of James Hamlet, and his subsequent restoration to liberty.
New-York, W. Harned. 1850
3d ed.; LC# 11-25819.
     Fiche: A-62,209LCP

American Anti-slavery Society.
     Commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the organization of the American anti-slavery society, in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, T.S. Dando & co. 1884
LC# 34-5909.
     Fiche: A-62,211 LCP

American Anti-slavery Society.
     [Erklarung] und constitution der Amerikanischen gegensclaverey-gesellschaft.
Harrisburg, Pa. 1836
     Fiche: A-62,207 LCP

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