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Abbott, John Stevens Cabot.
     South and North; or, Impressions received during a trip to Cuba and the South.
New York, Abbey & Abbot. 1860
LC# 1-21521.
     Fiche: A-10,000 LCP

Abdy, Edward Strutt.
     American whites and blacks, in reply to a German orthodermist.
London, C. Gilpin. 1842
LC# 11-8346.
     Fiche: A-10,433 LCP

Abdy, Edward Strutt.
     Journal of a residence and tour in the United States of North America, from April, 1833, to October, 1834.
London, J. Murray. 1835
LC# 1-26738.
     Fiche: 51,396-420 LCP

Abel, Annie Heloise.
     The American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist; an omitted chapter in the diplomatic history of the Southern Confederacy.
Cleveland, The Arthur H. Clark company. 1915
LC# 15-7825.
     Fiche: A-10,009 LCP

La abolicion de la esclavitud y el proyecto del senor Moret.
Madrid, Estab. tip. de T. Fortanet. 1870
LC# 14-8925.
     Fiche: A-62,200 LCP

The abolition conspiracy to destroy the union; or, A ten years' record of the "Republican" party.
New York, Van Evrie, Horton & company. 1866
The opinions of William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Abraham Lincoln, William H. Seward ... &c.; LC# 12-2988.
     Fiche: A-84,623 LCP

Abolition is national death; or, The attempt to equalize races the destruction of society.
New York, Van Evrie, Horton & co. 1866
LC# 12-2989.
     Fiche: A-68,912 LCP

Abolitionism exposed, corrected.
Philadelphia, J. Sharp. 1838
By a physician, formerly resident of the South. With a plan for abolishing the American anti-slavery society and it auxiliaries. By a Tennesseean; LC# 43-38235.
     Fiche: A-56,130 LCP

El Abolitionista espanol.
Madrid, Imp. de T. Fortanet.
ano 1; LC# 42-43732.
     Fiche: A-75,449LCP

L'Abolitioniste francais, bulletin mensuel de la societe instituee en 1834 pour l'abolition de l'esclavage. t. 1- jan.-fev. 1844- Paris.
AU bureau du journa. 1844
LC# 25-24511.
     Fiche: A-62,301 LCP

Adams, Alice Dana.
     The neglected period of anti-slavery in America (1808-1831).
Boston and London, Ginn and company. 1908
LC# 9-9274.
     Fiche: A-47,017 LCP

Adams, Charles Francis.
     Richard Henry Dana, a biography.
Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company. 1890
LC# 4-16981/4.
     Fiche: A-68,754 LCP

Adams, Charles Francis.
     Some phases of the civil war; an appreciation and criticism of Mr. James Ford Rhodes's fifth volume.
Cambridge, J. Wilson and son. 1905
LC# 6-3151.
     Fiche: A-102,618 LCP

Adams, Francis Colburn.
     Justice in the bye-ways.
New York, Livermore & Rudd; [etc., etc.]. 1856
A tale of life; LC# 5-42965.
     Fiche: 64,396 LCP

[Adams, Francis Colburn].
     Our world: or, The slaveholder's daughter.
New York and Auburn, Miller, Orton & Mulligan. 1855
LC# 6-45939.
     Fiche: A-77,675 LCP

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