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Three Men on a Horse.
Supervisor: Sam Bischoff; Director: Mervyn LeRoy; Principal Cast: Frank McHugh, Joan Blondell; Adaptation: Laird Doyle; Source: Play, "Three Men on a Horse," by John Cecil Holm and George Abbott; Scripts: Treatment. By Laird Doyle. 26 Jun. 1936. 63 pp. [395/3]; Final. No author shown. 17 Jul. 1936. 157 pp. [395/5].
     Reel: 62

Producer: Hal B. Wallis; Director: Anatole Litvak; Principal Cast: Charles Boyer, Claudette Colbert; Adaptation: Casey Robinson; Source: Play, "Tovarich," by Jacques Deval and Robert Sherwood; Scripts: Treatment. By Casey Robinson. 6 Apr. to 9 Apr. 1937. 60 pp. [405/2]; Final. by Robinson. 28 May to 17 Jun. 1937. 158 pp. [405/4].
     Reel: 63

Trailin' West.
Supervisor: Bryan Foy; Director: Noel Smith; Principal Cast: Dick Foran, Paula Stone; Adaptation: Anthony Coldewey; Source: Original story, "On Secret Service," by Anthony Coldewey; Script: Final. On Secret Service. By Anthony Coldewey. 10 Apr. with revisions to 17 Apr. 1936. 118 pp. [405/6].
     Reel: 59

Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing.
Supervisor: Ray Griffith; Director: Michael Curtiz; Principal Cast: Spencer Tracy, Bette Davis; Adaptation: Courtney Terrett, Robert Lord; Source: Autobiography, "Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing" by Lewis E. Lawes; Scripts: Temporary. By Courtney Terrett. 13 May 1932. 104 pp. (408/6); Rev. Final. By Terrett and Robert Lord. 19 Aug. 1932. 115 pp. (409/3).
     Reel: 39

Two Seconds.
Supervisor: Hal Wallis; Director: Mervyn LeRoy; Principal Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Vivienne Osborne; Adaptation: Harvey Thew; Source: Play, "Two Seconds", by Lester Elliott; Scripts: Screenplay. By Harvey Thew. ND. 128 pp. (412/2); Final. By Thew. 31 Dec. 1931 with revisions to 17 Feb. 1932. c 160 pp. (412/3).
     Reel: 38

White Bondage.
Supervisor: Bryan Foy; Director: Nick Grinde; Principal Cast: Jean Muir, Gordon Oliver; Adaptation: Anthony Coldewey; Source: Original story, 'Lords of the Land', by Anthony Coldewey; Script: Temporary. Lords of the Land, by Anthony Coldewey 7 Oct. 1936. 126 pp. (433/5); Final. Lords of the Land, by Coldeway. 21 Oct. with revisions to 2 Nov. 1936. c 115 pp. (433/7).
     Reel: 26

The Widow from Chicago.
Director: Edward Cline; Principal Cast: Alice White, Neil Hamilton, Edward G. Robinson; Adaptation and Dialogue: Earl Baldwin; Source: Original story, "Widow from Chicago," by Earl Baldwin and Ruth Rankin; Script: Final. By Earl Baldwin and Ruth Rankin. 25 Apr. 1930. 118 pp (435/6).
     Reel: 1

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