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Accidents Will Happen.
Associate Producer: Bryan Foy; Director: William Clemens; Principal Cast: Ronald Reagan, Gloria Blondell; Adaptation: George Bricker, Anthony Coldewey; Source: Original story, 'Accidents Do Happen', by George Bricker; Script: Final. By George Bricker, Anthony Coldewey, and Victor C. Rose. 24 Aug. to 27 Aug. 1937. c 137 pp. (1/1).
     Reel: 26

The Adventures of Robin Hood.
Producer: Hal B. Wallis; Directors: William Keighley, Michael Curtiz; Principal Cast: Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland; Adaptation: Seton I. Miller, Norman Reilly Raine; Source: Original story, "Adventures of Robin Hood," by Norman Reilly Raine; Script: Temporary. By Rowland Leigh. 23 Nov. 1936. 164 pp. [7/3]; Rev. Final 4. By Norman Reilly Raine and Seton I. Miller. 25 Sep. 1937. 162 pp. [8/3].
     Reel: 72

Alcatraz Island.
Supervisor: Bryan Foy; Director: William McGann; Cast: John Litel, Ann Sheridan; Adaptation: Crane Wilbur; Source: Original story, "Alcatraz", by Crane Wilbur; Script: Rev. Final 2. Alcatraz, by Crane Wilbur. 5 May with revisions to 1 Jul. 1937. c 110 pp. (10/6).
     Reel: 40

Alexander Hamilton.
Director: John G. Adolfi; Principal Cast: George Arliss, Doris Kenyon; Adaptation and Dialogue: Julian Josephson, Maude Howell; Source: Play, "Hamilton," by Mary P. Hamlin and George Arliss; Script: Rev. Final. By Julian Josephson and Maude Howell. 10 Apr. 1931. 81 pp. [11/4].
     Reel: 66

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse.
Associate Producer: Robert Lord; Director: Anatole Litvak; Principal Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor, Humphrey Bogart; Adaptation: John Wexley, John Huston; Source: Play. "The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse," by Barré Lyndon; Scripts: Treatment. By John Wexley. ND. 116 pp. (16/7); Final. By Wexley and John Huston. 26 Jan. with revisions to 12 Mar. 1938. c 165 pp. (17/3).
     Reel: 6

Anthony Adverse.
Supervisor: Henry Blanke; Director: Mervyn LeRoy; Principal Cast: Fredric March, Olivia de Havilland; Source: Novel, Anthony Adverse, by Hervey Allen; Scripts: Treatment. By Sheridan Gibney. 10 Apr. 1934. 42 pp. [19/5]; Rev. Final. No author shown. 2 Nov. 1935 with revisions to 12 Feb. 1936. c 195 pp. [20/2].
     Reel: 71

Black Legion.
Supervisor: Robert Lord; Director: Archie Mayo; Principal Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan; Adaptation: Abem Finkel, William Wister Haines; Source: Original story, 'Black Legion', by Robert Lord; Scripts: Short story. By Robert Lord. 8 Jun. 1936. 22 pp. (34/3); Treatment. By Abem Finkel and Robert Lord. 8 Jul. 1936. 76 pp.; Final. By Finkel and William Wister Haines. ND. with revisions to 27 Nov. 1936. c 160 pp. (34/6).
     Reel: 25

Blazing Sixes.
Supervisor: Bryan Foy; Director: Noel Smith; Adaptation: John T. Neville; Principal Cast: Dick Foran, Helen Valkis; Source: Original story, "Miracle Mountain," by Anthony Coldewey; Script: Final. Miracle Mountain, by John T. Neville. 20 Jan. with revisions to 30 Jan. 1937. c 120 pp. [35/3].
     Reel: 59

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