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Abbot, Anne W., (ed.).
     Autumn Leaves, Original Pieces in Prose and Verse.
Cambridge, Mass: John Bartlett. 1853
(HCL) Printed for relief of the poor, according to preface. Articles are unsigned, but HCL copy has manuscript annotations indicating that Anne Wales Abbot was editor and that contributors included William Czar Bradley, Lucy Ann Buckingham, H.W. Longfellow, and Mrs. Susanna Vaughan. Copyright: 1853; Printer: Metcalf and Co.; Contents: Christmas Revived/1; In the Churchyard at Cambridge. A Legend of Lady Lee/H.W.L./11; The Little South-wind/13; Lines Written at the Close of Dr. Holme's Lectures on English Poetry/16; Aunt Molly. A Reminiscence of Old Cambridge/22; The Sounds of Morning in Cambridge/30; The Sound of Evening in Cambridge/35; To the Near-sighted/41; Flower's from a Student's Walks/48; Miseries. No. 1/52; Miseries. No. 2 A Dark Night/57; Miseries. No. 3 Twine/62; Miseries. No. 4 Fresh Air/67; Farewell/74; Innocent Surprises/77; The Old Sailor/81; Laughter/91; To Stephen/95; The Old Church/98; "Something than Beauty Dearer"/104; A Tale Found in the Repositories of the Abbots of the Middle Ages/106; The Sea/115; Fashion/119; A Growl/123; To Jenny Lind/128; My Herbarium/130; The Ostrich/138; Cows/142; The Home-beacon/146; The Fourth of July/153; From the Papers of Reginald Ratcliffe, Esq./158.
     Reel: Reel 6, No. 45

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