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Abbey, Charles John.
     The English church and its bishops 1700-1800.
London, Longmans, Green, and Co. 1887

Abercromby Patrick.
     The Martial Achievements of the Scots nation.
Edinburgh, R. Freebairn. 1711-1715

Adams, William Davenport.
     By-Ways In Book-Land.
London, E. Stock. 1888

Adams, William Davenport.
     Rambles In Book-Land.
London, E. Stock. 1889

Addison, Joseph.
     The drummer: or, The haunted house.
London, J. Bell. 1792
A comedy; Adapted for theatrical representation.

Alexis; or, The young Adventurer, a novel.
London, printed for T. Cooper. 1746

Ames, Joseph.
     A catalogue of English heads; or, An account of about two thousand prints.
London, Printed by W. Faden for the editor. 1748

Ames, Joseph.
     Typographical Antiquities; being an historical account of printing in England: with some memoirs of our ancient printers and a register of the books printed by them from the year MCCCCLXXI to the year MDC.
London, printed by W. Faden. 1749
With an appendix concerning printing in Scotland and Ireland to the same time.

Amhurst, Nicholas.
     Poems on several occasions.
London, R. Franklin. 1724
The 3d ed., in which is inserted The test of love.

Amhurst, Nicholas.
     Terrae-Filius: or, The Secret History of the University of Oxford, by R. Newton.
London, R. Franklin. 1726
Vol. 1, 2, ed; 2v.

(Amory, Thomas).
     A dialogue on devotion.
[London]. [1745 ?]
To which is prefix'd, A conversation of Socrates on the being and providence of God; translated from the Greek.

Amory, Thomas.
     The Life of John Buncle, esq.
London, printed for J. Johnson and B. Davenport. 1766

Amory, Thomas.
     Memories of Several Ladies of Great Britain.
London, printed for John Noon. 1755
In several letters.

Anderson, James.
     An account of the present state of the Hebrides and western coasts of Scotland.
Edinburgh, printed for G. Robinson, London, and C. Elliot, Edinburgh. 1785

Anderson, James.
     Essays Relating to Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in two parts.
Edinburgh, printed for T. Cadell, London, and W. Creech, Edinburgh. 1775
By a farmer.

Anderson, James.
     The Interest of Great Britain with Regard to Her American Colonies, Considered.
London, T. Cadell. 1782

Anderson, James.
     Observations on the means of exciting a spirit of national industry chiefly intended to promote the agriculture, commerce, manufactures, and fisheries, of Scotland.
Edinburgh, Printed for T. Cadell; [etc., etc.]. 1777
In a series of letters to a friend.

Anderson, James.
     Selectus diplomatum a numismatum Scotiae thesaurus, in dua partes distributus; prior syllogen complectitut veterum diplomatum sive chattarum regum & procerum Scotiae, un cum eorum sigillis, a Duncamno II, ad Jacobum I, id est, ab anno 1094 ad 1412… auxit & locupletavit Thomas Ruddimannus, A.M. Suppeditante sumptus… Thomas Patersono.
Edinburgi, apud T. & W. Ruddimannos. 1739

Anderson, Robert.
     The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.
London, printed for J. & A. Arch. 1795

Andre, John.
     The cow chase: an heroicle poem, in three cantos.
London, J. Fielding. 1781
Written at New York, 1780, by the late Major Andrew with explanatory notes, by the editor.

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