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Accolti, Pietro (1455-1572).
     Lo Inganno De Gl'Occhi, Prospettiva Pratica Di Pietro Accolti…[2 lines].
In Firenze, Appresso Pietro Cecconcelli. 1625
Trattato In Acconcio Della Pittvra. [Engraved vignette]; Folio. 84 leaves. [i-xii], 1-152 [153-156] p. including woodcut diagrams in text. Woodcut head- and tailpieces. 30.3 cm. 11 9/16 in.; Contents: p. [i]: title page; p. [ii]: blank; p. [iii]: dedication to Cardinal Carlo de Medici; p. [iv]: blank; p. [v-vii]: dedicatory verses to Giovambatista Strozzi, Alessandro Adimari and Andrea Salvadori; p. [viii-xii]: table of contents; p. 1-2: preface; p. 3-152: text, Part I-III, including woodcut diagrams; p. [153-154]: full-page woodcut illustrations; p. [155]: woodcut printer's device above register; p. [156]: blank; Notes: First edition. It is of interest to painters rather than to architects. The engraved vignette on the title page contains the coat-of-arms of Cardinal Carlo de Medici. Cicognara 802; Comolli III, p. 161-162. Modern paper boards.
     Reel: 1, No. [1]

Adam, Robert (1728-1792).
     Rvins Of The Palace Of The Emperor Diocletian At Spalatro in Dalmatia.
Printed For The Avthor. 1764
By R. Adam F.R.S F.S.A. Architect To The King And To The Qveen; Folio. 23 leaves. [i-xii], [1]-33 [34] p. I-LXI engraved plates including frontispiece (6 folding, 8 double-page, 47 full-page of which 2 have 3 plates each, 3 have 2 plates each). 53.5 cm. 21 1/16 in.; Contents: pl. [I]: engraved frontispiece, verso blank; p. [i]: title page; p. [ii]: blank; p. [iii]-iv: Adam's dedication to the King; p. [v-xi]: list of subscribers; p. [xii]: blank; p. [1]-4: introduction; p. [5]-33: text and explanation of plates; p. [34]: blank; followed by pl. II-LXI, versos blank; Notes: First edition. The plates, engraved by F. Bartolozzi, E. Rooker, F. Patton, P. Santini, A. Walker, D. Cunego, J. Bassire and Antonio Zucchi, are of interest not only as fine examples of architectural engraving but as showing the source of some of the motives of the Adam style. The frontispiece [pl. I], a composition of ruins and landscape with figures, is by F. Bartolozzi. Twenty-two of the plates were reproduced in Georg Kowalczyk, Denkmaeler Der Kunst in Dalmatien...Berlin, 1910, No. 3-5, 7-8, 13-15, 19-21, 25-26, 30-33, 36, 41-42, 44-45, 48. Among the list of subscribers is Frederick, Sixth Lord Baltimore. Berlin Catalog 1893; Brunet I, 46; Cicognara 3567. Contemporary English calf, gold-tooled spine.
     Reel: 1, No. [2]

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