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Baton Rouge. 1807, Nov. 3
Abstract: Sale of 16,000 arpents of land belonging to Nicolas Maria Vidal in virtue of a decree of the tribunal of Pensacola; Source: Archives of Spanish West Florida, XII, 260-267.
     Reel: 17

Baton Rouge. 1808, Nov. 21
Abstract: John Lynd certifies the sale of 15,134 arpents of land to John Forbes and Company in six different tracts. The location of these tracts is given on pp. 369-70. William Simpson is representing the company; Source: Archives of Spanish West Florida, XII:367, 369-370.
     Reel: 17

Charleston, S.C. 1785, Feb. 5
Abstract: Case of Moses vs. Alexander. Involved William Alexander as the executor of the estate of Colin McKenzie; Source: Judgment Rolls (1785) Box 120-A, No. 401A.
     Reel: 2

Charlestown, S.C. 1783, Oct. 15
Abstract: Concerns John Leslie and Thomas Giles, survivors of one John Leslie and Thomas Giles, survivors of one John Giles and the firm of John Giles and Co. in suit against one George Langford. This may or may not be the John Leslie of Panton, Leslie and Co.; Source: Judgment Rolls (1783) Box 119-A, No. 40A.
     Reel: 1

(Chiskatalofa) Tuscatalofa, on Chattahoochee River. 1810, Apr. 10
Abstract: John Forbes' claim to an island in the Apalachicola River, later known as Forbes Island, given to him by Lower Creek and Seminoles on 10 April 1810; Estimated at between 6 and 8,000 acres, it actually measured 9,811.96 acres. See Coker and Watson, Indian Traders, pp. 268-69; Source: ASP PL 4:202-205.
     Reel: 18

Circuit Court, 4th Judicial Circuit, St. Johns Co., Fl. 1880, Feb. 24
Abstract: Theodore Dalcour (and the heirs of John Forbes) vs. Thomas Dow (and the heirs of William Panton, John Leslie and Thomas Forbes). This is a very complicated counter suit involving the 10,000 acres of land in Nassau Co. and the 2 million plus dollars from other suits; The names and relationships of the many persons who are a part of this suit are a genealogist's dream. Mentioned are 3 daughters of John Leslie (Janet Dunbar, Mary Cameron and Helen Brown). ...; Source: Circuit Court of St. Johns County, St. Augustine.
     Reel: 26

Circuit Court, St. Johns County, Florida. 1878, Apr. 1
Abstract: Dow et al. vs. Sanchez, admn. de bonis non with the will annexed of John Forbes, deceased. The original suit was really filed in 1876. This case involved the heirs of William Panton who sued Sanchez, as administrator of Forbes' will, for $2,202,049. See Coker and Watson, Indian Traders, pp. 360-361; Source: PLP Reel 92, Circuit Court, St. Johns Co., Fla.
     Reel: 26

Jackson, Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. 1823, Jun. 10
Abstract: Johnson and Edwards vs. John Forbes and Company, etc. re: the inheritance of Lizzy and Margaret McGillivray See Coker and Watson, Indian Traders, 357-359. There are also 2 pages from the FPMPL regarding the reasons that the bill should be dismissed; Source: PLP Reel 104 Case No. 1999 Dk. 3 FRC No. 449468.
     Reel: 22

New Orleans, La. 1809, Jul. 14
Abstract: John Forbes and Co. vs. James Morison. Morison owed the company $224.5 but refused to pay. The suit requested Morison's property be attached to pay the debt plus interest and damages. Judgment for the sum demanded in the petition with cost of suit; Source: New Orleans Public Library, Louisiana Div.
     Reel: 17

New Orleans, La. 1824, Feb. 23
Abstract: D.W. Johnson and George Edwards to the use of R. Post Johnson vs. James and John Innerarity, surviving partners of John Forbes and Co. Suit files re: the inheritance of the McGillivray heirs, Lizzy and Margaret; Source: LSM Case No. 5955, First Judicial Dist. Court.
     Reel: 22

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