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Women's Trade Union League.
     Special Publications (1916-1922); Life and Labor Bulletin (1922-1950).
1916-1922; 1922-1950
Collection IX: Women's Trade Union League Publications; During its later years Life and Labor, the national magazine of the Women's Trade Union League, was sometimes criticized for not keeping League members well enough informed about League activities. Out of this sentiment grew several experiments with a supplementary publication of a more informal sort. The first was a mimeographed Newsletter, begun in January 1915 and supposedly issued quarterly over the next two years. Few copies survive. Besides the single issue reproduced here, three others (January 12 and October 30, 1915, and June 1916) may be found in the microfilmed Records of the National Women's Trade Union League at the Library of Congress (Reel 17, frames 224-226, 242-245, and 261-269).The next publication, a mimeographed Bulletin, appeared irregularly from November 1920 until April 1922 -- six months after Life and Labor had ceased publication. Meanwhile, during the war years, the League had published a four-page letterpress monthly, Women's Work and War (February 1918 through April/May 1919). This was sent not only to League members and affiliates but also to the members of the various Committees on Women in Industry under the Council of National Defense. These special publications comprise the first portion of the present reel.From them evolved the League'.
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