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Anderson, Mary.
     General Correspondence and Papers.
Collection III: Mary Anderson Papers; The reel begins with a few scattered items dating from 1918 to 1921. Among these are Anderson's letters of appointment to her wartime posts in the Army Ordnance Department and in the Labor Department's Women in Industry Service and her letter of credentials as a representative of the National Women's Trade Union League to the Paris Peace Conference. (There is no documentation here of her appointment in 1920 as head of the peacetime Women's Bureau.) In a letter of February 1922 to John M. Glenn, Anderson describes the wartime work of Mary Van Kleeck in the Ordnance Department and in the Department of Labor and her role as Van Kleeck's assistant.The main body of correspondence begins with 1922, during the Harding administration, and continues through most of the New Deal. Letters of 1922-24 between Anderson and Harriet Taylor Upton, an influential Ohio Republican, illustrate political cooperation for women's goals, with Upton securing an increased appropriation for the Women's Bureau and Anderson aiding Upton's bid for a seat .
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