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Anderson, Mary.
     Correspondence and Papers on Special Topics; Biographical and Personal Material.
Collection III: Mary Anderson Papers; This final reel of the Anderson Papers consists of two segments. The first, Correspondence and Papers on Special Topics, is divided into six sections, as follows:1. International Federation of Working Women (frames 1-187). Apart from two earlier items, the material concerns the Federation's congress of 1923, to which Anderson was a delegate, and the IFWW's merger in 1925 into the International Federation of Trade Unions. Included are copies of official correspondence of the secretariat, 1923-25, a few printed leaflets and reports, and a typed report of the 1923 congress by Ethel M. Smith of the WTUL.2. Accusations of Radicalism (frames 188-395). This section consists of correspondence, plus some clippings and pamphlets, relating mainly to two episodes: the publication of a pair of articles in Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent in March 1924 alleging vast radical influence upon American women's organizations and including the statement that Anderson had had the federal government print a "program of Women's and Children'.
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