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Anderson, Mary.
     Correspondence and Papers on Special Topics; Biographical and Personal Material.
Collection III: Mary Anderson Papers; This final reel of the Anderson Papers consists of two segments. The first, Correspondence and Papers on Special Topics, is divided into six sections, as follows:1. International Federation of Working Women (frames 1-187). Apart from two earlier items, the material concerns the Federation's congress of 1923, to which Anderson was a delegate, and the IFWW's merger in 1925 into the International Federation of Trade Unions. Included are copies of official correspondence of the secretariat, 1923-25, a few printed leaflets and reports, and a typed report of the 1923 congress by Ethel M. Smith of the WTUL.2. Accusations of Radicalism (frames 188-395). This section consists of correspondence, plus some clippings and pamphlets, relating mainly to two episodes: the publication of a pair of articles in Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent in March 1924 alleging vast radical influence upon American women's organizations and including the statement that Anderson had had .
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