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Sermon Des Frappe-Culs nouveau et fort joyeulx.
(Paris: Pinard). (1830)
Avec la responce de la dame; Sus, Je me repens de vous avoir aymee.
     Reel: 97, No. 784

Sévigné, Marie de Rabutin Chantal, marquise de, 1626-1696.
     Court secrets; or, The lady's chronicle, historical and gallant.
London, (H. Curll?). 1727
From the year 1671, to 1690. Extracted from the Letters of Madam de Sevigne, which have been suppressed at Paris.
     Reel: 48, No. 393

     Midnight scenes and social photographs.
Glasgow: T. Murray. 1858
being sketches of life in the streets, wynds, and dens of the city of Glasgow.
     Reel: 120, No. 933

She is and she is not: a fragment of the true history of Miss Caroline de Grosberg, alias Mrs. Potter, &c. &c. exhibiting a series of uncommon artifices and intrigues in the course of her transactions with the Earl of Lauderdale, in the years 1764 and 1765.
London, Printed for J. Bew. 1776
Together with an account of the proceedings in the process the commenced against his Lordship, and the substance of the evidence on both sides. Compiled from papers of undeniable authenticity, and dedicated to Mrs. M----t C----e R-dd.
     Reel: 23, No. 242

Shebbeare, John, 1709-1788.
     The marriage act. A novel.
Dublin, William Colles and Thomas Walker. 1774
In which the ruin of female honour, the contempt of the clergy, the destruction of private and public liberty, with other fatal consequences, are considered; in a series of interesting adventures. 2nd ed.
     Reel: 97, No. 787

A Short account of some extraordinary proceedings against the person who was shot in Lincoln's-Inn-Garden.
London, Printed for T. Cooper. 1742
Written by himself. To which is subjoined a curious letter to the author from an unknown hand.
     Reel: 23, No. 243

Sibbald, James, 1745-1803, ed.
     Chronicle of Scottish poetry; from the thirteenth century, to the union of the crowns.
Edinburgh, Printed for J. Sibbald. 1802
to which is added a glossary.
     Reel: 98, No. 788

Sibly, Ebenezer, 1751-1800.
     The medical mirror; Or, treatise on the impregnation of the human female.
London, Printed for the author. (1796)
Shewing the origin of diseases and the principles of life and death.
     Reel: 23, No. 244

Le Siècle d'or de Cupidon, ou Les heureuses avantures d'amour.
Cologne, Pierre Marteau. 1712
     Reel: 98, No. 788A

Simon, Friedrich Alexander, 1793-1869.
     Kritische Geschichte des Ursprungs der Pathologie und Behandlung der Syphilis, Tochter und wiederum Mutter des Aussatzes.
Hamburg: Hoffmann und Campe. 1857-1860
Zweite Abtheilung.
     Reel: 23, No. 245

Sinistrari De Ameno, Luigi Maris, 1622-1701.
     De sodomia tractatus in quo exponitur doctrina nova de sodomia foeminarum a tribadismo distincta.
Paris: Apud Isidorum Liseux. 1879
     Reel: 13, No. 129

The Sixpenny miscellany; or, A dissertation upon pissing.
London, Reprinted for A. Moore. 1726
To which is added, two essays. I. On ignorance. II. On matrimony.
     Reel: 98, No. 789

Smith, Charlotte.
     Pathetic tales, founded on facts.
London, James Goodwin. 1813
     Reel: 99, No. 791

Smith, Charlotte Turner, 1749-1806.
     Ethélinde; ou, La recluse du lac.
Paris, Maradan. an VII-1799
traduit de l'anglais par M. de la Montagne.
     Reel: 98-99, No. 790

Smith, Michael, vicar of South Mimms.
     The true story of Father Girard and Miss Cadiere.
London: Reprinted by R. Turpin. 1840
also poetical version of Girard and Cadiere.
     Reel: 99, No. 792

Smollett, Tobias George, 1721-1771.
     The adventures of Roderick Random.
London: James Cochrane. 1831
with illustrations by George Cruikshank.
     Reel: 99, No. 793

Un Societe Caennaise du XVIIIe siècle et les écrits qu'elle a inspirés.
Prusse: s.n. 5859 (i.e. 1859)
l'année scatologique.
     Reel: 13, No. 129A

Solignac, Pierre Joseph de la Pimpie, 1687-1773.
     Les amours d'Horace.
Cologne, Pierre Marteau. 1728
     Reel: 99, No. 794

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