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Williams, Charles Hanbury, Sir, 1708-1759.
     The works of the Right Honourable Sir Chas. Hanbury Williams.
London: E. Jeffery. 1822
from the originals in the possesion of his grandson, the Right Hon. the Earl of Essex; notes by Horace Walpole.
     Reel: 106, No. 840

Wilson, Mary.
     The voluptuous night: or, The non plus ultra of pleasure.
London: Printed by Sarah Brown. 1830
     Reel: 106, No. 841

Witherspoon, John, 1723-1794.
     A serious enquiry into the nature and effects of the stage.
Glasgow, Printed by J. Bryce and D. Paterson. 1757
Being an attempt to show, that contributing to the support of a public theatre, is inconsistent with the character of a Christian.
     Reel: 120, No. 941

Wolfart, Johann Heinrich.
     Bescheidene Beantwortung des gegen seine tractationem juridicam de sodomia vera & spuria hermaphroditi.
Frankfurt am Mayn. 1743
     Reel: 14, No. 149

Wolfart, Johann Heinrich.
     Tractatio juridica de sodomia vera & spuria hermaphroditi, von ächter und unächter Sodomiteren eines Zwittern.
Franco-furti ad Moenum, Joh. Frid. Fleischer. 1742
     Reel: 14, No. 150

The Woman's advocate; or, The baudy batchelor out in his calculation.
London, Printed for A. Moore. 1729
being the genuine answer paragraph by paragraph, to the batchelor's estimate plainly proving that marriage is to a man of sense and economy, both a happier and less chargeable state, than a single life.
     Reel: 14, No. 151

Wright, Henry Clarke, 1797-1870.
     Marriage and parentage: or, The reproductive element in man, as a means to his elevation and happiness.
Boston: B. Marsh. 1855
2d ed., enl. happiness.
     Reel: 14, No. 152

     Enzu miyaika (Love pictures; beautiful flowers).
(n.p.). (178-?)
Ill. by Katsukawa Shunsho. Pref. by Yoshinei.
     Reel: 106, No. 842

Yung, Anna-Maria.
     Les amours d'un jésuite: ou, Mémoires historiques sur l'abbé Martial Marcet de la Roche-Arnaud, de la compagnie de Jésus, suivis de ses lettres érotiques à Julie.
Paris: Les marchands de nouveautés. 1828
     Reel: 106, No. 843

La Haye. 1751
Anecdotes indostanes.
     Reel: 106, No. 844

Zschokke, Heinrich, 1771-1848.
     The bravo of venice, a romance.
London: Printed and published by William Mason. 1830
translated from the German by M. G. Lewis.
     Reel: 106, No. 844A

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