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Abbot, George, abp. of Canterbury, 1562-1633.
     The case of impotency as debated in England, in that remarkable tryal an. 1613, between Robert, Earl of Essex, and the Lady Frances Howard, who, after eight years marriage, commenced a suit against him for impotency.
London, Curll. 1715
     Reel: 15, No. 153

Acton, William, 1813-1875.
     Prostitution, considered in its moral, social & sanitary aspects, in London and other large cities: with proposals for the mitigation and prevention of its attendant evils.
London: J. Churchhill. 1857
     Reel: 1, No. 1

(Adams, John), 1750-1814.
     Sketches of the history, genius, disposition, accomplishments, employments, customs and importance of the fair sex, in all parts of the world.
Boston, Joseph Bumstead. 1807
Interspersed with many singular and entertaining anecdotes.
     Reel: 1, No. 2

An Address to the ladies, shewing how hazardous matrimony is found to enter upon at this time.
London, Printed by T. and J. W. Pasham, and sold by J. Wilkie. 1767
Humbly submitted to their most serious attention. Dedicated to old father time.
     Reel: 1, No. 3

Albert-Birot, Pierre.
     Les soliloques napolitains: huit gravures à la pointe seche.
Dantzig: (s.n.). 1822 (i.e. 1922?)
de Monsieur J. L.; accompagnées de seize poemes; du poète Pierre Albert Birot leur servant d'illustrations.
     Reel: 107, No. 845

Alcott, William Andrus, 1798-1859.
     The physiology of marriage.
Boston: J. P. Jewett. 1856
by an old physician.
     Reel: 1, No. 4

Alcott, William Andrus, 1798-1859.
     The young wife: or, Duties of woman in the marriage relation.
Boston: G. W. Light. 1837
Stereotype ed.
     Reel: 1, No. 5

Alexander, William.
     Geschichte des weiblichen Geschlechts von dem frühesten Alterhum an bis auf gegenwärtige Zeiten.
Leipzig, bey Weidmanns Erben und Reich. 1780
Aus dem Englischen übersetzt.
     Reel: 1, No. 6

Alibert, Jean Louis Marie Allibert, baron, 1766?-1837.
     Self abuse among women.
Paris: (s.n.). (1920?)
New ed.
     Reel: 1, No. 7

Alix (Petrus).
     Histoire et psycho-physiologie du vice a travers les siècles et les êtres.
Paris: Libraire Mondaine. (1850?)
     Reel: 1, No. 8

Allaire, N. A.
     Octave et Sophie, suivi de Caroline et Darville Nouvelles.
Paris, Pigoreau. an VII (1799)
     Reel: 25, No. 262

Allerlei gereimtes und ungereimtes aus dem Nachlasse eines Studiosen der freien Künste.
Baden im Aargau: J. Zehnder. 1837
herausgegeben von dessen nächstem Erben.
     Reel: 80, No. 632

Almanach des honnêtes femmes, pour l'année 1790.
[n.p.] La Société Joyeuse. [1789?]
     Reel: 75, No. 597

L'Almanach des muses, contenant un choix des meilleures pièces de poésies fugitives, qui ont paru en 1764; avec des remarques.
Paris, Paris, Chez Delalain. 1765; 1769
     Reel: 24, No. 263

Amatory poetry: or, The effusions of love: consisting of a new and elegant collection of the most choice and esteemed pieces of sentiment and humour.
London: Printed for E. Barrett. 1823
     Reel: 24, No. 264

The Amorous gallant's tongue tipp'd with golden expressions; or, The art of courtship refined, being the best and newest academy.
London, Printed for C. Hitch. (1743)
13th ed.
     Reel: 25, No. 265

Amorous sketches by Master Cupid.
London Printed for G. Forbs. (1796?)
with six capital engravings from nature and life.
     Reel: 25, No. 265A

Amours et remords, Histoire véritable par Madame la Comtesse.
Paris et Francfort, Chez J. G. G. Schaefer. 1814
     Reel: 25, No. 266

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