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Zavala, Lorenzo de, 1789-1836.
     Viage a los Estados-Unidos del Norte de America, por D. Lorenzo de Zavala.
Paris, Imprenta de Decourchant, Calle d'Erfurth, No 1, Junto a la Abadia. 1834
1156; Leaf of half title, verso blank, leaf of title, verso blank, vii p., verso blank, 374 p. 21 cm.; This narrative of Zavala is included here, though only a few pages directly relate to Texas, because of his prominence in Texas affairs. For his Ensayo Histórico, Paris, 1831, see entry No. 1128.; Raines, p. 224. Sabin 106280.; Locations: CSmH. CtY. DLC. MH. NN. TX. TWS. Also other libraries.
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