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Air Transport Facts and Figures.
Air Transport Association of America, Washington, D.C. 1937-1975
Section I: Trade and Business Associations; V. 1-38; Note: Title varies. 1937-44 Little Known Facts About the Scheduled Air Transport Industry (varies), 1945-46 Air Transportation; Each issue provides an overall review of the industry titled "The Year at a Glance" which gives a traffic, financial service summary for the U.S. scheduled airline industry. One half of each issue contains feature articles and new trends in the industry and a glossary of terms. The other portion of the issue is devoted to statistical data on such issues as aircraft on order, available service and utilization, operating revenues and expenses, safety, employment, profit and loss, assets, utilities, and stockholders' equity.

Aluminum Statistical Review.
Aluminum Association, New York. 1963-1975
Section I: Trade and Business Associations; V. 1-13; Note: Title varies, 1963-65 Aluminum Industry Annual; Statistical Review. An annual review which "assembles in one place the most important data available on the aluminum industry." It includes information on every phase of the aluminum cycle from production of primary aluminum to the markets for finished goods. Foreign trade and world trade statistics, geographic distribution of plants in the U.S., scrap recovery figures are among the types of data supplied.

American Stock Exchange. Weekly Bulletin.
New York. 1953)-1975
Section II: Research Organizations and Financial Institutions; This series contains information on changes in membership on the exchange, new listings, halts or suspended issues, dividends, stockholders' meetings, registered interest and U.S. government obligations.

American Trucking Trends.
American Trucking Association, Washington, D.C. 1947-1975
Section I: Trade and Business Associations; V. 1-29; An annual review of the "industry at a glance." It contains statistics and charts on industry growth, truck registration, mileage and safety, carrier size and location, motor freight tonnage, revenue and costs, products delivered, equipment and innovations.

Automobile Facts and Figures.
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association of the United States, Detroit. 1919-1975
Section I: Trade and Business Associations; V. 1-56; Note: Title varies, 1919-33 Facts and Figures of the Automobile Industry. Vol. 9 omitted in numbering. 1919-71 authored by the Automobile Manufacturers Association.; An annual review offering basic information on production registration, quality control and research, and factory sales. The section "Use and Owners" provides data on drivers, fatalities, and vehicle miles of travel, economic impact, employment, exports/imports, financing, retail sales and taxes. Each issue contains an index and list of sources of the data.

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