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Brig. Gen. Enoch Poor's Brigade, New York and Pennsylvania. (American).
November 23 - December 6, 1777
Contains headquarters and brigade orders Brigade was made up of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd New Hampshire Regiments of 1777, commanded by Col. Joseph Cilley, Col. Nathan Hale, and Col. Alexander Scammel, as well as the 2nd and 4th N.Y. regiments of 1777, commanded by Col. Philip Van Cortlandt and Col. Henry Beekman Livingston. Locations: Fishkill, N.Y. and Whitemarsh, Pa. Writer unknown. 32 pages.
     Reel: 5, No. 56.1

Brig. Gen. Gerard Steddiford's Tenth Brigade of Infantry, New York City and County Militia, New York.
August 31, 1814 - November 23, 1814
On Aug. 29, the brigade was called for "immediate service for the defense of the city and harbor of New York". The brigade was part of the first division of N.Y. detached militia, commanded by Maj. Gen. Stevens. Locations: New York City. Writer unknown. 192 pages.
     Reel: 19, No. 194

Brig. Gen. Jedediah Huntington's Connecticut Brigade, New Jersey and New York. (American).
June 19 - August 31, 1778
Brigade was composed of the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 7th Connecticut Regiments. Contains Washington's headquarters orders, division, and brigade orders. Covers period of army's march across New Jersey, including the battle at Monmouth, and at White Plains. Writer unknown. 172 pages.
     Reel: 5, No. 61

Brig. Gen. Oliver Delancy's Brigade, New York. (British).
February 20, 1777 - June 29, 1778
Oliver Delancy was the senior Loyalist officer in the Revolution, and he initially raised this Loyalist brigade of 1,500 men for the defense of Long Island. Contains headquarters, general, brigade, battalion, circular, and private orders, as well as discussion of Loyalist regiments. Locations: Oyster Bay (L.I.), New York City, Kingsbridge, Harlem Heights, Huntington, Morris House, Jamaica (L.I.), New Town (L.I.), and Flushing (L.I.). Writer unknown. 192 pages.
     Reel: 4, No. 44

Brigade of Artillery, New Jersey and New York. (American).
June 6 - August 8, 1779; August 4 - 30, 1780
Contains Washington's general orders from Stott's House, Smith's Clove, Stony Point, New Windsor, and West Point. Includes resolutions of the Continental Congress. Contains garrison orders from West Point. Writer unknown. 145 pages.
     Reel: 8, No. 89

British Army Orders, Maj. Gen. Howe, Massachusetts. (British).
July 12 - September 21, 1775
Maj. Gen. Howe was commander of the British forces in America. Included in the volume is a return of the numbers killed, wounded, and missing on April 19, 1775 (Battle of Lexington) and June 17, 1775 (Bunker Hill). Locations: Headquarters, Boston. Writer unknown. 116 pages.
     Reel: 2, No. 21

British Headquarters Orders, New York. (American).
September 11 - October 24, 1778
Contains copies of orders issued by the Commander in Chief of the British forces in North America, Sir William Howe, most regarding court martials and promotions. Locations: New York City. Kept by Lt. Col. Stephen Kemble, Adjutant General. 88 pages.
     Reel: 6, No. 69

British Headquarters Orders, New York. (British).
April 25 - August 2, 1781
Contains headquarters orders of Henry Clinton, Commander in Chief of the British forces in America. Locations: Staten Island, New York City. Writer unknown. 84 pages.
     Reel: 14, No. 137

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