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Adres russko-evreiskikh rabochikh N'iu-Iorka peterburgskim stachenikam.
[n.p.]. [n.d.]
Broadsides Published before 1917; Broadside. 20.5 x 10.5 cm; Made by pasting part of p. 169 of an unidentified book on p. 170. Actually so issued?
     Reel: 23, No. 775

Akimov, Iakov S.
     "Ne mogu molchat'!"
N'iu-Iork. 1912
Books & Pamphlets; predislovie L. Men'shchikova; 47 p.; 18 cm; Printed red wrappers.
     Reel: 1, No. 1

[Aksel'rod, Liubov' Isaakovna] 1868-1946.
     O "problemakh idealizma."
Zheneva, Tip. partii. 1903
Books & Pamphlets; Izdanie Rossiiskoi sotsial'demokraticheskoi rabochei partii; 36 p.; 21 cm; At head of title: Ortodoks [pseud.]. "Ottisk iz No. 5 Zari." Contrary to what this statement might lead one to believe, No. 5 of Zaria never appeared. Other articles which were to have appeared in No. 5 were also published separately. Anderson 7.
     Reel: 1, No. 2

Aksel'rod, Pavel Borisovich, 1850-1928.
     Bor'ba sotsialisticheskikh i burzhuaznykh tendentsii v russkom revoliutsionnom dvizhenii.
Zheneva, Tip. partii. [1905]
Books & Pamphlets; Izdanie Zagranichnoi ligi; [i], v, 96 p.; 21 cm; Printed red wrappers; Cover-title. At head of title: Rossiiskaia sotsial' demokraticheskaia rabochaia partiia.
     Reel: 1, No. 3

Aksel'rod, Pavel Borisovich, 1850-1928.
     Istoricheskoe polozhenie i vzaimnoe otnoshenie liberal'noi i sotsialististicheskoi [sic] demokratii v Rossii.
Zheneva, Tip. Soiuza russkikh sotsial'demokratov. 1898
Books & Pamphlets; Izdanie Rossiiskoi sotsial'demokraticheskoi rabochei partii; [i], 34 p.; 15.5 cm; Printed green wrappers; First appeared in Nos. 30 and 31 of Die neue Zeit, 1898. Translated into Russian by G. Antonov [pseud. of A.V. Lunacharskii].
     Reel: 1, No. 4

Aksel'rod, Pavel Borisovich, 1850-1928.
     K voprosu o sovremennykh zadachakh i taktike russkikh sotsial'-demokratov.
Zheneva, Tip. Soiuza russkikh sotsial'-demokratov. 1898
Books & Pamphlets; Izdanie Soiuza russkikh sotsial'-demokratov; [i], 34 p.; 16 cm; Printed brown wrappers.
     Reel: 1, No. 5

Aksel'rod, Pavel Borisovich, 1850-1928.
     Narodnaia duma i rabochii s'ezd. Izdanie Iskry.
Zheneva, Tip. 1905
Books & Pamphlets; partii; 15 p.; 18 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 6

Aksel'rod, Pavel Borisovich, 1850-1928.
     Rabochee dvizhenie i sotsial'naia demokratiia.
Genève, Gruppa Osvobozhdenie truda. 1884
Books & Pamphlets; [v]-xvi, 148 p.; 15.5 cm; Printed gray wrappers, front wrapper lacking. (Rabochaia biblioteka, no. 1); Lacks title-page and, apparently, one other preliminary leaf. Title and imprint taken from Nypl catalog; "Ob izdanii rabochei biblioteki" by Aksel'rod and Plekhanov: pp. [v]-xvi.
     Reel: 1, No. 9

[Aksel'rod, Pavel Borisovich] 1850-1928.
     Ob'iavlenie o vozobnovlenii izdanii gruppy Osvobozhdenie truda.
Zheneva, Tip. Soiuza. 1900
Books & Pamphlets; 8 p.; 16 cm; Caption-title. Imprint at end. At end: Izdanie Soiuza russkikh sotsial'demokratov pod redaktsiei Osvobozhdenie truda. Kamenev p. 10. By Aksel'rod and Plekhanov.
     Reel: 1, No. 7

[Aksel'rod, Pavel Borisovich] 1850-1928.
     Pis'mo v redaktsiiu Rabochago dela.
Zheneva, Tip. Soiuza. 1899
Books & Pamphlets; Izdanie Soiuza russkikh sotsial'demokratov, pod redaktsiei gruppy Osvobozhdeniia truda; [i], 22 p.; 16 cm; Signed at end: P. Aksel'rod.
     Reel: 1, No. 8

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