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Dane, Nathan.
     A general abridgment and digest of American Law.
Boston, Cummings, Hilliard & Co. 1823-29
Vols. 1-9; with occasional notes and comments. In eight volumes.; The first general treatise on American Law.; Vol. 9 is the supplement.
     Reel: 1-3, No. 1

Jacobs, Giles.
     The law-dictionary.
London, printed by Andrew Strahan. 1797
Vols. 1-2; explaining the rise, progress, and present state of the English law, in theory and practice; defining and interpreting the terms or words of art, and comprising copious information, historical, political, and commercial, on the subjects of our law, trade, and government... now greatly enlarged and improved, by many-material corrections and additions... In two volumes.; A standard law dictionary used in 19th century America.
     Reel: 4, No. 2

Massachusetts (Colony).
     Records of the governor and company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England.
Boston, W. White, printer to the Commonwealth. 1853-54
Vols. 1-5; Printed by order of the legislature. Ed. by Nathaniel B. Shurtleff...; 5 vols. in 6.
     Reel: 5-6, No. 3

Massachusetts (Colony). Court of Assistants.
     Records of the Court of Assistants of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, 1630-1692.
Boston, published by the County of Suffolk. 1901-28
Vols. 1-3; The judicial records of the Colony period.
     Reel: 7, No. 4

Massachusetts (Colony). Laws, etc.
     Acts and laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Boston, printed by Benjamin Edes and Sons. 1781-1804
Vols. 1-13; reprinted by Wright & Potter Printing Co., 1890-1898.; All public and private acts as well as resolves for the years 1780-1804.
     Reel: 19-22, No. 9

Massachusetts (Colony). Laws, etc.
     The acts and resolves, public and private, of the province of the Massachusetts Bay.
Boston, Wright & Potter, printers to the state. 1869-1922
Vols. 1-21; to which are prefixed the charters of the province, with historical and explanatory notes, and an appendix. Published under chapter 87 of the Resolves of the General Court of the Commonwealth for the year 1867.
     Reel: 8-17, No. 5

Massachusetts (Colony). Laws, etc.
     The book of the general lawes and libertyes concerning the inhabitants of the Massachusetts.
Cambridge, printed according to order of the General Court. 1660
collected out of the records of the general court, for the several years wherein they were made and established, and now revised by the same court, and disposed into an alphabetical order, and published by the same authority in the general court holden at Boston, in May 1649...; 2 p.l., 88, [12]p.
     Reel: 18, No. 8

Massachusetts (Colony). Laws, etc.
     The colonial laws of Massachusetts.
Boston. 1889
Reprinted from the edition of 1660, with the supplements to 1672. Containing also the body of liberties of 1641. Published by order of the City Council of Boston, under the supervision of William H. Whitmore, Record Commissioner. With a complete index.; xvi, 312p.
     Reel: 18, No. 6

Massachusetts (Colony). Laws, etc.
     The colonial laws of Massachusetts.
Boston, Rockwell and Churchill. 1890
Reprinted from the edition of 1672, with the supplements through 1686... Together with the body of liberties of 1641, records of the Court of Assistants, 1641-1644. Published by order of the City Council of Boston.; xliii, [1], 150, ix, [3], 395p.; The general Laws and Liberties... 1672, has its own title-page.
     Reel: 18, No. 7

Massachusetts (Colony). Laws, etc.
     Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Boston, printed by Adams & Rhoades [etc.]. 1808-38
Vols. 1-11; Passed at several sessions of the General Court, holden in Boston. Published agreeably to a resolve passed in January, 1808.; Beginning with vol. 3, each year's legislation has a separate title-page. Each volume contains a cumulative index.
     Reel: 23-27, No. 10

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