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Adams, George J.
     A few plain facts showing the folly ... of the Rev. Timothy R. Matthews.
Bedford, Eng. 1841
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-1; SF 627.
     Reel: 1

Adams, George J.
     A lecture on the authenticity and scriptural character of the Book of Mormon.
Boston. 1844
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-2; SF 628; Howes A48.
     Reel: 1

Address by a minister of the Church of Jesus Christ.
Bristol. [1841?]
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-3; SF 838.
     Reel: 1

Aitken, W.
     A journey up the Mississippi River, from its mouth to Nauvoo.
Ashton-under-Lyne, Eng. 1845
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-4; SF 629; Howes A92.
     Reel: 1

An appeal to the American people: being an account of the persecutions of the Church of Latter Day Saints.
Cincinnati. 1840
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-5; SF 631; Howes A292.
     Reel: 1

Ashley, Francis Busteed.
     Mormonism, an exposure.
London. 1851
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-6; SF 632; Howes A357.
     Reel: 1

An authentic history of remarkable persons … including a full exposure ... of the pretended prophet Joe Smith.
New York. 1849
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-7; SF 633; Howes A411.
     Reel: 1

Bacheler, Origen.
     Mormonism exposed internally and externally.
New York. 1838
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-8; SF 634; Howes B13.
     Reel: 1

Belisle, Orvilla S.
     The prophets; or Mormonism unveiled.
Philadelphia. 1835
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-9; SF 635; Howes B321.
     Reel: 1

Bennett, John C.
     The history of the saints; or, An expose of Joe Smith.
New York. 1842
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-10; SF 636; Howes B358.
     Reel: 1

Bennett, S.
     A few remarks by way of reply to an anonymous scribbler ... disabusing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Philadelphia. 1840
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-11; SF 637.
     Reel: 1

Bertrand, L A.
     Memoires d'un Mormon.
Paris. 1862
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-12; SF 638.
     Reel: 1

Black, Jeremiah Sullivan.
     Federal jurisdiction in the territories. Right of local self-government. Judge Black's argument for Utah.
Washington. 1883
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-13; SF 639.
     Reel: 1

Bonwick, James.
     The Mormons and the silver mines.
London. 1872
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-14; SF 640.
     Reel: 1

The Book of Mormon.
Palmyra, N.Y. 1830
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-15; SF 641; Howes S623.
     Reel: 2

Bowes, John.
     Mormonism exposed, in its swindling.
London. 1850?
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-16; SF 642.
     Reel: 2

Brewster, James Collins.
     An address to the Church of Christ and Latter day saints.
Springfield, Ill. 1848
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-17; SF 643.
     Reel: 2

Brewster, James Collins.
     The words of righteousness to all men.
Springfield, Ill. 1842
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-18; SF 644.
     Reel: 2

Briggs, E.C.
     Address to the Saints in Utah and California.
Plano, Ill. 1869
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-19; SF 645.
     Reel: 2

Brown, James Stephens.
     Life of a pioneer.
Salt Lake. 1900
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-20; SF 646; Howes B849.
     Reel: 2

Busch, Moritz.
     Die Mormonen. Ihr Prophet, ihr Staat und ihr Glaube.
Leipzig. 1855
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-22; SF 648.
     Reel: 2

Cain, Joseph.
     Mormon way-bill to the gold mines, from the Pacific Springs, by the northern and southern routes.
Salt Lake. 1851
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-22A; SF 630; Howes C18.
     Reel: 2

Campbell, Alexander.
     Delusions. An analysis of the Book of Mormon.
Boston. 1832
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-23; SF 649.
     Reel: 2

Cannon, George Quayle.
     The delegate from Utah. The position of George Q. Cannon.
Salt Lake. 1881
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-24; SF 650.
     Reel: 2

Cannon, George Quayle.
     A review of the decision of the Supreme Court ... in the case of Geo. Reynolds.
Salt Lake. 1879
Books and Pamphlets; MOR-25; SF 651.
     Reel: 2

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