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Anster, John.
Dublin, Williken and son; [etc., etc.]. 1837
Poems, including translations from Schiller and De La Motte Fouque.

[Anstey, Christopher].
     The new Bath guide; or, Memoirs of the B-n-r-d family.
London, J. Dodsley. 1776

[Antrobus, Benjamin].
     Some buds and blossoms of piety, also, some fruit of the spirit of love, which directs to the Divine wisdom.
London, Printed and sold by Andrew Sowle. 1684
Being a collection of several papers, written by a young man, some of them in the time of his apprenticeship, some of them at several times since, and the latter part of them in his late confinement, by a writ De excommunicato capiendo... To which subjoyned is a Tripple plea, touching law, physick and divinitie, formerly printed and subscribed T.C. Also, some Lines written by J.C.

Argyll, George D.C., (8th duke of).
     The philosophy of belief; or, Law in Christian theology.
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1896

Armour, Richard W.
     Barry Cornwall; a biography of Bryan Waller Procter, with a selected collection of hitherto unpublished letters.
Boston, Meador publishing company. 1935

Arnold, Edwin, Sir.
     In my lady's praise, being poems, old and new written to honour of Fanny, Lady Arnold.
London, Trubner & co. 1889

Arnold, Matthew.
     Culture & anarchy, an essay in political and social criticism;... being the conversations, letters, and opinions of the late Arainius, baron von Thunderten-Tronckh.
New York, Macmillan and co. 1883

Arnold, Matthew.
     Essays literary and critical.
London, J.M. Dent & co.; New York, E.P. Dutton & co. [1907]

Arnold, Matthew.
     The function of criticism at the present time (reprinted from "Essays in criticism") and An essay on style, by Walter Pater.
New York and London, Macmillan and company. [1895]
(reprinted from "Appreciations").

Arnold, Matthew.
     God & the Bible; a review of objections to "Literature & dogma"
London, Smith Elder, & co. 1875

Arnold, Matthew.
     Literature & dogma; an essay towards a better apprehension of the Bible.
New York, Macmillan and co. 1895

Arnold, Matthew.
     St. Paul & Protestantism, with an essay on Puritanism & the Church of England, and Last essays on church & religion.
New York, Macmillan and co. 1883

Arnold, Thomas.
     The Christian life; its hopes, its fears, and its close.
Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston. 1856

Arnold, Thomas.
Philadelphia, N. Altemus. [c.1896]

Arnold, Thomas.
     Fragment on the church.
London, B. Fellowes. 1845
2d ed, in which are contained appendices on the same subject.

Arnold, Thomas.
     Introductory lectures on modern history, delivered in Lent.
London, B. Fellowes. 1849

Arnold, Thomas.
     The miscellaneous works of.
New-York, D. Appleton & co.; Philadelphia, G.S. Appleton. 1845
1st American ed. With nine additional essays, not included in the English collection.

Arnold, Thomas.
     Sermons preached in the chapel of Rugby school, with an address before confirmation.
New-York, D. Appleton & co.; Philadelphia, G.S. Appleton. 1846
1st American ed.

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