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Abbey, Charles John.
     The English church and its bishops 1700-1800.
London, Longmans, Green, and co. 1887

Abbey, Charles John.
     The English Church in the eighteenth century.
London: Longmans, Green, and Co. 1878
by... and John M. Overton…; 2v.

Abbott, Charles L.
     What comes from what; or, The relationships of animals and plants.
St. Paul, Minn. The author. [c.1922]

Abbott, Claude C.
     The life and letters of George Darley, poet and critic.
London, H. Milford, Oxford university press. 1928

[Abbott, Edwin Abbott].
     Philochristus: memoirs of a disciple of the Lord.
Boston, Roberts brothers. 1878

Abbott, Edwin Abbott.
     The spirit on the waters, the evolution of the divine from the human.
London, MacMillan and co.; [etc., etc.]. 1897

Abraham, Israel.
     Studies in Pharisaism and the Gospels.
Cambridge [Eng.] University press. 1917
First series.

Adams, Eliphalet.
     God sometimes answers his people by terrible things in righteousness.
N. London, Printed and sold by T. Green. 1735
A discourse occasioned by that awful thunder-clap which struck the meeting-house in N. London, August 31st, 1735. At which time one was killed outright and diverse others much hurt and wounded, yet graciously & remarkably preserved, together with the rest of the congregation, from immediate death. As it was delivered (Sept. 7th) from Lord's Day following.

Address to Christians throughout the world.
[London, Strangeways and Walden, printers]. [1862?]
By the clergy of the Confederate states of America.

Alford, Henry.
     Life, journals and letters of Henry Alford, D.D. late dean of Canterbury.
London [etc.] Rivingtons. 1873

Allsopp, Henry.
     The woodman and other poems.
Oxford, B.H. Blackwell. 1910

[Amory, Thomas].
     A dialogue on devotion, after the manner of Xenophon; in which the reasonableness, pleasure and advantages of it are considered.
[London ?]. [1745?]

Anderson, Robert.
     Ballads in the Cumberland dialect.
Wigton, B. Crosby and co. [etc., etc.]. 1808

Anderson, Robert.
     Cumberland ballads, with autobiography, notes and glossary.
London, Bearose and sons; Carlisle, G. & T. Coward. 1893

[Annet, Peter].
     Critical examination of the life of St. Paul.
London, R. Carlie. 1823
Translated from the French of Boulanger.

Annet, Peter.
     Judging for ourselves; or, Freethinking, the great duty of religion, displayed in two lectures.
London, printed 1739, Reprinted 1797, and sold by T.G. Ballard. 1739; 1797
Delivered at Plaisterers' hall.

Annet, Peter.
     Lectures on the following subjects.
London, Printed for the booksellers. 1822
viz. I. Introductory lecture. II. On consideration and social conversation. III. On pure and false religion. IV. Containing a proposal to unite all true Protestants in one principle, and form a society of united Protestants in order to vanquish popery. V. An endeavour to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. VI. Against popery. VII. Ibid. IVVV. Of infallibility. IX. On mortification. X. Ibid. XI. Of the light within. XII. Of spiritual understanding. XIII. Of the word of God.

[Annet, Peter].
     The resurrection of Jesus considered; in answer to The tryal of the witnessess.
London, M. Cooper. 1744
3d ed., with great amendments. By a moral philosopher. N.B. The second edition is spurious and erroneous.

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