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Abbey, James.
     California: a trip across the plains...and containing valuable information to emigrants.
New Albany, Ind., Kent & Norman: J.R. Nunemacher. 1850
     Fiche: 14146-14146b

Abbott, Carlisle S.
     Recollections of a California pioneer.
New York, The Neale Publishing Company. 1917
     Fiche: 74325-74331

Abbott, John S.C.
     ...Christopher Carson Familiarly known as Kit Carson.
New York, Dodd & Mead. 1875
     Fiche: 44594-44598

Abernethy, George.
     Circular to the Oregon emigrants...Dated at Oregon City, this 22d of April, 1847.
[n.p.]. [n.d.]
     Fiche: 74466-74467

Abert, James William.
     Report of Lieut. J.W. Abert, of his examination of New Mexico, in the years 1846-'47.
[Washington]. [1848]
(In U.S. War department. Report of the Secretary of War, communicating...a report and map...made by Lieutenant J.W. Abert…); p. 2-132 (30th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. No. 23).
     Fiche: 13602-13604

Abney, A.H.
     Life and adventures of L.D. Lafferty; being a true biography of one of the most remarkable men of the great Southwest.
New York, H.S. Goodspeed & Co. [1875]
     Fiche: 31607-31610

Account of the discovery of gold in California; in the biography of discoverer, James W. Marshall.
     Fiche: 72937-72938

Adam, George.
     The dreadful sufferings and thrilling adventures of an overland party of emigrants to California, their terrible conflicts with savage tribes of Indians!! And Mexican bands of robbers!!! With marriage, funeral, and other interesting ceremonies and customs of Indian life in the far West.
St. Louis, Mo., Barclay & Co. 1850
Compiled from the journal of Mr. George Adam, one of the adventurers, by Prof. Wm. Beschke.
     Fiche: 74360-74362

Adams, Charles Francis.
     Texas and the Massachusetts resolutions.
Boston, Eastburn's Press. 1844
     Fiche: 71496-71498

Adams, Ephraim.
     The Iowa band.
Boston, Chicago, The Pilgrim Press. [1902]
New and rev. ed. by Rev. Ephraim Adams.
     Fiche: 74332-74339

Adams, Ephraim D.
     British interests and activities in Texas, 1838-1846.
Baltimore. 1910
(The Albert Shaw lectures on diplomatic history, 1909).
     Fiche: 72039-72045

Adams, James C.
     The hair-breadth escapes and adventures of "Grizzly Adams," in catching and conquering the wild animals included in his California menagerie.
New York. 1860
Written by himself.
     Fiche: 70573-70574

Adams, John Quincy, pres. U.S.
     The duplicate letters, the fisheries and the Mississippi.
Washington, Printed by Davis and Force. 1822
Documents relating to transactions at the negotiation of Ghent. Collected and pub. by John Quincy Adams, one of the commissioners of the United States at that negotiation.
     Fiche: 40613-40616

Adams, John Quincy, pres. U.S.
     Speech of...on the resolutions of seven state legislatures, and the petitions of more than one hundred thousand petitioners, relating to the annexation of Texas to this Union.
Washington, Gales and Seaton. 1838
     Fiche: 14974-14977

[Adams, William L.].
     A melodrame entitled "Treason, stratagems, and spoils," in five acts, by Breakspear.
Portland. 1852
     Fiche: 71180-71181

Adams, William. L.
     Oregon as it is; its present and future, by a resident for twenty-five years, being a reply to inquirers.
Portland, Or., "Bulletin" Steam Book and Job Printing Rooms. 1873
     Fiche: 73137-73139

Adamson, Archibald R.
     North Platte and its associations.
North Platte, Neb., The Evening Telegraph. [1910]
     Fiche: 74340-74346

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