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Ephemera: Basic information.0 Basic Information-General (1984-1997) to Geography/Environment.1 Maps (1973-1993).
     Reel: 1

Ephemera: Geography/Environment.2 Environmental Degradation (1988-1992) To Social and Cultural Issues.1 Social-Living conditions (1977-1994).
     Reel: 2

Ephemera: Social and Cultural Issues.2 Social-Health (1977-1997) To Social and Cultural Issues.8 Asociacion de Trabajadores de la Cultura de Guatemala (ATCG) (s.d.).
     Reel: 3

Ephemera: Social and Cultural Issues.10 Violence (1995) To Social and Cultural Issues. Miscellaneous unsorted (1978-1999).
     Reel: 4

Ephemera: Economy.GEN Economy General (1975-1994) To Economy.1.2.b Coca-Cola-IUF-1980 (1979-1980).
     Reel: 5

Ephemera: Economy.1.2.c Coca-Cola-IUF News Releases 1979-81 (1979-1981) To Economy.3 Tourism Industry (1980-1994).
     Reel: 6

Ephemera: Economy.3.1 Tourism Boycott (1977-1994) To Economy.4.1 Latin America Agribusiness Development Corp. (LAAD) (1970-197[8]).
     Reel: 7

Ephemera: Economy.4.2 Agricultural Cooperatives (1963-1986) To Economy.5 Petroleum Industry (1974-2000).
     Reel: 8

Ephemera: Economy.5.1 Franja Transversal (1975-1986) To Economy. Miscellaneous unsorted (1980-2000).
     Reel: 9

Ephemera: Politics and Government.1 Sectors of the Right (1977-1985) To Politics and Government.3.2 Political Parties-FUR (1976-1982).
     Reel: 10

Ephemera: Politics and Government.3.3 Political Parties-MLN (1977-1987) To Politics and Government.3.5 FDNG (1995-1996).
     Reel: 11

Ephemera: Politics and Government.4 Political History (1983) To Politics and Government.4.8 March 1982 Coup (1982).
     Reel: 12

Ephemera: Politics and Government.4.9 Rios Montt Regime (1982-1983) To Politics and Government.4.11 Mejia Victores Regime (1983-1985).
     Reel: 13

Ephemera: Politics and Government.4.12 Mejia Victores Regime-1984-1985 Elections (1981-1986) To Politics and Government.4.14 Elections 1990 (1990-1991).
     Reel: 14

Ephemera: Politics and Government.4.15 Serrano Elias 1991-1993 (1991-1993) To Politics and Government.4.20 Arzu Administration 1996 (1996).
     Reel: 15

Ephemera: Politics and Government.5 Counterinsurgency (1984-1994) To Politics and Government.6.0 Peace Process-General (1986-1998).
     Reel: 16

Ephemera: Politics and Government.6.1 Negotiations/Dialogue 1990 (1988-1990) To Politics and Government.6.5.a Text of Accords 1994 (1994).
     Reel: 17

Ephemera: Politics and Government.6.5.b Truth Commission 1994 (1994) To Politics and Government.7 Assembly of Civil Sectors (ASC) (1994-1997).
     Reel: 18

Ephemera: Politics and Government.7.1 Women's Sector (ASC) [2000] To Politics and Government.11 Comision de Esclarecimiento Historico (CEH) (1997-1999).
     Reel: 19

Ephemera: Politics and Government.12 Elections 1999 (1995-2000) To Politics and Government.12 Elections 1999 (1995-2000).
     Reel: 20

Ephemera: Politics and Government. Miscellaneous unsorted (19[77]-2000) To Politics and Government. Miscellaneous unsorted (19[77]-2000).
     Reel: 21

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