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Anderson, Dillon (1906-1974) - Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.
The NSC, its function and processes; the national budget; "massive retaliation"; the decision-making process; relationships between the Executive branches of government, especially between the State and Defense Departments; foreign aid; JFD's participation in military discussions; Quemoy-Matsu and the Formosa Resolution; JFD's views on the containment of the USSR; the Arab-Israeli conflict; the Aswan Dam proposal; JFD's relations with .
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Armstrong, W. Park, Jr. (1907-1985) - Foreign Service officer.
JFD's work in the Acheson administration (the Japanese Peace Treaty); staff meeting and briefing procedures in JFD's administration; discussion of various crises in the mid-1950s; Soviet and Communist Chinese leaders; the Suez crises; intelligence operations in the State Department and the CIA; political appointments in the State Department; the administration of the Department; JFD's relations with the Department's personnel; McCarthyism and security cases; JFD's interest in military affairs; policy-making aspects of intelligence; JFD's interest in economic affairs; Spain. [RDC]; 45 pages. 1965. Open. May be copied with permission of heirs; Transcript No. 10.
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Asbjornson, Mildred J. - Secretary in the office of the Secretary of State.
JFD's office staff in the Department of State; his working habits in the office, at home, and on trips; office routines and procedures. [PAC]; 34 pages. 1965. Open; Transcript No. 11.
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Babcock, C. Stanton (1904-1979) - Military Adviser on the Japanese Peace Treaty.
The Japanese Treaty and mutual security pacts; JFD's relations with the Japanese and British; personal relations with JFD on official and social levels. [PAC]; 26 pages. 1964; Oen; Transcript No. 12.
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Barbour, Walworth (1908-1982) - Diplomat.
JFD's relations with State Department personnel (the decision-making process, his use of expertise); Trieste; the Austrian State Treaty; the Suez conference; Anglo-American relations; the campaign controversy on "containment"; JFD as an administrator. [PAC]; 24 pages. 1966. Open; Transcript No. 13.
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Barnes, Roswell P. (1901- ) - Clergyman.
Personal associations with JFD, starting in the late 1920s; the Oxford Conference of the Universal Christian Council for Life and Work (1937); detailed discussion of JFD's association with the Federal Council of Churches, especially as chairman of the Commission on a Just and Durable Peace; JFD's working habits; his political association in the 1940s; his participation in various church conferences; his views on Christian principles, especially as related to world affairs and international relations; the Dulles homes; JFD's family heritage, religious and diplomatic; his relations with church leaders. [PAC]; 42 pages. 1964. Permission required to quote or cite during donor's lifetime; Transcript No. 14.
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Beal, John R. - Journalist and author.
The Japanese Peace Treaty; JFD's relations with the press; the "brinkmanship" article in Life magazine; the writing of John Foster Dulles (1888-1959). [RDC]; 30 pages. 1965. Permission required to quote or cite during donor's lifetime; Transcript No. 15.
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Beale, Sir Howard (1898- ) - Australian Ambassador to the US.
Conversations with JFD on the US system of government, the UN, communism; Far Eastern relations (US-Australia, Australia-Japan, the Chinese threat, Indonesia, SEATO, ANZUS, the Colombo Plan); JFD's relations with the President; his relations with State Department personnel; the Suez crisis; professional and social relations with JFD and his family. [GCS]; 23 pages. 1964. Open; Transcript No. 16.
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