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Wriston, Henry M. (1889-1978) - Chairman of the Committee on Organization and Administration of the State Department, 1953.
The Council on Foreign Relations, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; detailed discussion of the reorganization of the State Department administration; JFD's interest in administration; comparison of the Dulles administration with those of previous Secretaries of State; JFD's relations with the Foreign Service; McCarthy; State Department dismissals; the "massive retaliation" speech. [RDC]; 42 pages. 1964. Open; Transcript No. 278.
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Yeh, George K.C. (1904-1981) - Foreign Minister of the Republic of China.
The London Conference of 1945; "brinkmanship"; the Japanese Peace Conference; the 1954 Security Treaty; JFD's views on communism; Quemoy-Matsu; "massive retaliation"; the Tachen Islands; JFD's relations with President Eisenhower; personal relations with JFD. [SD]; 28 pages. 1964. Open; Transcript No. 279.
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Yoshida, Shigeru (1878-1967) - Prime Minister of Japan.
Discussions with JFD and Douglas MacArthur on Japanese rearmament; the reclamation of Japan; Peace Treaty negotiations; Communist China and the USSR; the revision of the Security Treaty; relations with Korea. [SD]; 33 pages. 1964. Open; Transcript No. 280.
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Yost, Charles W. (1907-1981) - Diplomat.
The Dulles family in Watertown, New York; the San Francisco conference of 1945; the General Assembly meeting of 1946 (negotiations with the USSR); the Foreign Ministers meeting in Paris in 1949 (Germany and Eastern Europe, "roll-back" and "liberation"); foreign aid and the national budget (Greece); McCarthyism and morale in the State Department; the Austrian State Treaty; detailed discussion of relations with Laos; Indo-China and Southeast Asian affairs; Suez and Hungary; Algeria; Summit meetings; the Policy Planning Staff; JFD's working habits and his relations with State Department personnel. [RDC]; 45 pages. 1966. Open; Transcript No. 281.
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