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Achilles, Theodore (1905-1986) - Diplomat.
The 1945 and 1947 Council of Foreign Ministers meetings; JFD's views on the USSR; the genesis of NATO; EDC and European integration; the Geneva Conference on Indo-China; the Suez crisis; administration of the State Department (problems of morale and McCarthyism, the decision-making process); JFD's travels and visits to US embassies abroad. [PAC*]; 30 pages. 1966. Open; Transcript No. 1.
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Adams, Sherman (1899-1986) - Assistant to the President.
JFD's relations with the President, beginning with the 1952 presidential campaign; his relations with the White House staff; comparison of Eisenhower's and JFD's views on policy; the Quemoy-Matsu crisis; Indo-China; Anglo-American relations; Suez; ambassadorial appointments; relations with the USSR; JFD's relations with the press; his relations with Congress. [RDC]; 46 pages. 1964. Open; Transcript No. 2.
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Aiken, George D. (1892-1984) - US Senator.
JFD's relations with the Senate and its Foreign Relations Committee; the Aswan Dam proposal; the crisis in Lebanon; JFD as US Senator in 1949. [PAC]; 13 pages. 1966. Open; Transcript No. 3.
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Aldrich, Winthrop W. (1885-1974) - US Ambassador.
Anglo-American relations; a detailed discussion of the Suez crisis, beginning with the Aswan Dam negotiations, through the Egyptian seizure of the Canal, the British-French-Israeli invasion, to the UN action and the aftermath of the crisis; professional relations with JFD and the State Department. [RDC]; 52 pages. 1964. Open. May be copied with permission of heirs; Transcript No. 4.
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Allen, George V. (1903-1970) - Diplomat.
Yugoslavia; the Eisenhower inaugurations; India (the Kashmir dispute, Nehru, foreign aid, "neutrality"); working relations with JFD; the Arab-Israeli dispute; the Aswan Dam proposal and the Suez crisis; Greece (Cyprus); USIA (foreign opinion polls); the U-2 program; cultural exchange programs; the use of nuclear force. [PAC]; 83 pages. 1965, 1966. Open; Transcript No. 5.
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Allison, John M. (1905-1978) - Ambassador to Japan, Indonesia, and Czechoslovakia and Deputy Director of Far Eastern Affairs.
The Japanese Peace Treaty; JFD's views on US policy toward Korea, Japan, and Indonesia and his attitude toward Sukarno; his relations with President Truman, Dean Acheson, and General MacArthur; his working techniques and personal relations. [RDC]; 47 pages. 1969. Open; Transcript No. 6.
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Alsop, Joseph (1910-1989) - Journalist.
JFD's appointment as Secretary of State; his relations with the President; the Formosa crisis; Viet Nam; the administration of the State Department under JFD; the Suez crisis. [RDC]; 25 pages. 1966. Open; Transcript No. 7.
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Alsop, Steward (1914-1974) - Journalist.
JFD as adviser to the Truman-Acheson administration; his views on the Secretaryship of State and his handling of the State Department and its personnel; the Suez crisis; Anglo-American relations; EDC; JFD's relations with the press; the 1955 Geneva Conference and Summitry; Far Eastern policy and Indo-China; the USSR and the Cold War. [RDC]; 30 pages. 1966. Open; Transcript No. 8.
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