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Stimson, Henry Lewis.
     Volume 1.
Volumes 1, 2 and 3: Volume 1 begins in January, 1909, while Stimson was United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and covers such matters as his appointment, his reorganization of that office, and his work on the American Sugar Refining case. As a reluctant candidate for governor of New York in 1910, Stimson wrote little in his diary about either the state convention or the campaign, but his acceptance of the post of secretary of war in the Taft administration in 1911 is fully described, as are his two years in that office.
     Reel: 1

Stimson, Henry Lewis.
     Volume 10.
March 1, 1929-December 31, 1930
Volume 10 is devoted to Stimson's first nine months as secretary of state in the Hoover administration.
     Reel: 2

Stimson, Henry Lewis.
     Volume 11.
Volume 11, labeled "State Department Important Statements and Letters, 1929- 1933," has not been indexed, although it does appear in the film. It is a chronologically arranged set of copies of selected State Department papers.
     Reel: 2

Stimson, Henry Lewis.
     Volume 12.
January 17, 1930-February 8, 1930
Volumes 12 and 13: The period of the London Naval Conference of 1930 fills three diary volumes. Volumes 12 and 13 appear on Reel 2. As head of the United States delegation, Stimson's account of the official and unofficial meetings in London are authoritative and detailed.
     Reel: 2

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