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Stimson, Henry Lewis.
     Volume 6.
February, 1920-December, 1926
Volumes 4, 5 and 6: Both Volume 4, which is made up of extracts of letters to his wife, and Volume 5 are accounts of his experiences in the American Expeditionary Force in France in 1917, and his training in the General Staff College.
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Stimson, Henry Lewis.
     Volume 6A.
Volume 6A is a small handwritten log of Stimson's visit to the Philippines in the summer of 1926. (Chronologically it belongs after Volume 6 in reel 1).
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Stimson, Henry Lewis.
     Volume 7.
April-May, 1927
Particularly noteworthy is Volume 7 which is devoted entirely to Stimson's mission to Nicaragua in the spring of 1927 as special representative of the president. He describes the negotiations he conducted during the critical weeks of civil war in Nicaragua and includes copies of a number of pertinent official communiqués.
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Stimson, Henry Lewis.
     Volume 8.
February 28, 1928-September 28, 1928
Volume 8 deals with Stimson's first year as governor general of the Philippines in 1928.
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