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Abbott, Austin, 1831-1896.
     The psychology of the rogue : a paper read before the Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine, New York, February 9th, 1888.
New York : Burr Printing House. 1888
15 p. ; 23 cm.; US-86-31.
     Fiche: 36606

Adair, Robert, Sir, 1763-1855.
     Two letters from Mr. Adair to the Bishop of Winchester : in answer to the charge of a high treasonable misdemeanour, brought by His Lordship against Mr. Fox and himself, in his life of the Right Honourable William Pitt.
London : Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, and J. Ridgway. 1821
Crimes Against Public Safety.
87 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-82-68.
     Fiche: 54910

Adams, T. Coker.
     A letter addressed to Sir Eardley-Eardley Wilmot, Bart. in answer to his letter to the magistrates of England, on the increase of crime, &c.
London : Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. 1828
39 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-86-140.
     Fiche: 65924

Adolphus, John, 1768-1845.
     Observations on the Vagrant Act and some other statutes and on the powers and duties of justices of the peace.
London : J. Major. 1824
Criminal Law.
112 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-80-83.
     Fiche: 53396-53397

Adshead, Joseph, 1800-1861.
     On juvenile criminals, reformatories, and the means of rendering the perishing and dangerous classes serviceable to the state.
Manchester : J. Harrison and Son. 1856
Juvenile Delinquency.
68 p. ; 21 cm.; UK-87-21.
     Fiche: 54256

Adshead, Joseph, 1800-1861.
     Our present gaol system deeply depraving to the prisoner and a positive evil to the community : some remedies proposed.
[S.l. : s.n.]. 1847
107 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-86-253.
     Fiche: 54387-54388

Adshead, Joseph, 1800-1861.
     Prisons and prisoners.
London : Longmans, Brown, Green, and Longman. 1845
xvii, [13]-320 p., [3] leaves of plates : ill. (1 folded) ; 23 cm.; UK-85-320.
     Fiche: 68055-68058

Alison, Archibald, Sir, 1792-1867.
     Principles of the criminal law of Scotland.
Edinburgh : W. Blackwood. 1832
Criminal Law.
x, 696 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-80-91.
     Fiche: 54119-54126

Allardice, A. (Archibald).
     A reply to the question What is to be done with our convicts? : being an exposition of a new system for the employment and management of convict prisoners under sentence of transportation or imprisonment for periods of two years and upwards.
Edinburgh : J. Menzies. 1854
v, 44 p. ; 21 cm.; UK-85-148.
     Fiche: 53428

Allday, Joseph.
     True account of the proceedings leading to, and a full & authentic report of, the searching inquiry by Her Majesty's commissioners, into the horrible system of discipline practised at the borough gaol of Birmingham.
Birmingham [England] : John Tonks. [1853?]
154 p. ; 21 cm.; UK-85-290; edited by Joseph Allday.
     Fiche: 55701-55702

Allen, Stephen, 1767-1852.
     An examination of the remarks on the report of the commissioners, appointed by the Legislature of New York, on the 12th of April, 1824, to visit the state prisons at New York and Auburn, and the act proposed for regulating the same.
New-York : J.C. Totten. 1826
20 p. ; 23 cm.; US-85-332.
     Fiche: 74079

Allen, Stephen, 1767-1852.
     Observations on penitentiary discipline : addressed to William Roscoe, Esq., of Liverpool, England.
New-York : Totten. 1827
87 p. ; 20 cm.; US-85-297.
     Fiche: 57568

Altgeld, John Peter, 1847-1902.
     Our penal machinery and its victims.
Chicago : A.C. McClurg. 1886
151 p. ; 23 cm.; US-85-23; New and rev. ed.
     Fiche: 36446-36447

Amos, Sheldon, 1835-1886.
     A comparative survey of laws in force for the prohibition, regulation, and licensing of vice in England and other countries : with an appendix giving the text of laws and police regulations as they now exist in England, in British dependencies, in the chief towns of continental Europe, and in other parts of the world.
London : Stevens and Sons. 1877
Crimes Against Public Safety.
xvi, 542 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-82-53.
     Fiche: 53931-53937

Anderson, A. M. Anderson (Andrew Macbeth Anderson), Lord, 1862-1936.
     The criminal law of Scotland.
Edinburgh : Bell & Bradfute. 1892
Criminal Law.
xvi, 327 p. : forms ; 19 cm.; UK-80-92.
     Fiche: 54141-54144

Andrew, John A. (John Albion), 1818-1867.
     The errors of prohibition : an argument delivered in the Representatives' Hall, Boston, April 3, 1867, before a Joint Special Committee of the General Court of Massachusetts.
Boston : Ticknor & Fields. 1867
Crimes Against Public Safety.
148 p. ; 23 cm.; US-82-27.
     Fiche: 37393-37394

Andrews, William, 1848-1908.
     Bygone punishments.
London : W. Andrews. 1899
311 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.; UK-85-216.
     Fiche: 54024-54027

Andrews, William, 1848-1908.
     Old-time punishments.
Hull : W. Andrews. 1890
x, 251 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.; UK-85-1.
     Fiche: 33266-33268

Andrews, William, 1848-1908.
     Punishments in the olden time : being an historical account of the ducking stool, brank, pillory, stocks, drunkard's cloak, whipping post, riding the stang, etc.
London : W. Stewart. [1881?]
iv, 76, [v]-viii p. : ill. ; 17 cm.; UK-85-260.
     Fiche: 54482

Antrobus, Edmund Edward, d. 1886.
     The prison and the school : the chief ascertained causes of crime considered, with suggestions for the care, relief, and reformation of the neglected, destitute, and criminal children of the metropolis.
London : Staunton and Sons. 1853
Juvenile Delinquency.
vi, 129 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-87-25.
     Fiche: 54785-54786

Archbold, John Frederick, 1785-1870.
     Peel's Acts, Lord Lansdowne's act, and the recent acts relating to poaching, smuggling, personating, &c. : with the forms of indictments, etc. and the evidence necessary to support them.--2nd ed. with considerable additions and alterations.
London : Saunders and Benning. 1830
2 v. : forms ; 20 cm.; UK-79-28.
     Fiche: 67881-67889

Archer, Thomas.
     The pauper, the thief, and the convict : sketches of some of their homes, haunts, and habits.
London : Groombridge and Sons. 1865
239 p. ; 20 cm.; UK-86-74.
     Fiche: 53866-53868

An Argument on the law of criminal homicide and self-defense : prepared in the case of the state of Ohio vs. -- indicted for manslaughter, for the killing of.
Hillsborough, O. : [s.n.]. 1863
Crimes Against Persons & Property.
72 p. ; 22 cm.; US-83-88.
     Fiche: 74074

     The criminal laws of Arkansas : copiously annotated and citing all adjudged cases to date.
Little Rock : Brown Print. Co. 1894
Criminal Law.
477 p. ; 23 cm.; US-80-108; Roberts & Hamiter.
     Fiche: 66955-66960

Armstrong, Lebbeus, 1775-1860.
     The signs of the times : comprised in ten lectures, designed to show the origin, nature, tendency, and alliances of the present popular efforts for the abolition of capital punishment.
New York : R. Carter. 1848
312 p. ; 20 cm.; US-85-336.
     Fiche: 76296-76299

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