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Bemis, George, 1816-1878.
     Hasty recognition of rebel belligerency, and our right to complain of it.
Boston : A. Williams. c1865
National Defense.
viii, 57 p. ; 24 cm.; US-70-33.
     Fiche: 74304

Boughey, John, 1845-1932.
     The elements of military administration and military law.
Yorktown, Surrey : W. Webb. 1880
National Defense.
xiv, 165 p. ; 21 cm.; UK-70-32; 5th ed.
     Fiche: 59236-59237

Clode, Charles M. (Charles Mathew), 1818-1893.
     The military forces of the crown : their administration and government.
London : J. Murray. 1869
National Defense.
2 v. ; 22 cm.; UK-70-29.
     Fiche: 49579-49594

Everett, William, 1839-1910.
     Naval appropriation bill : speech of William Everett in the House of Representatives, February 15, 1895.
Washington [D.C. : s.n.]. 1895
National Defense.
8 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-17.
     Fiche: 31788

French, J. W. (John William), 1810?-1871.
     Law and military law : with an analysis by subjects of the rules and articles of war : a preliminary lecture.
New York : J.F. Baldwin. 1861
National Defense.
32 p. ; 22 cm.; US-70-28.
     Fiche: 32035

Fry, James B. (James Barnet), 1827-1894.
     The history and legal effect of brevets in the armies of Great Britain and the United States : from their origin in 1692 to the present time.
New York : D. Van Nostrand. 1877
National Defense.
v, [3]-576 p. ; 21 cm.; US-70-7.
     Fiche: 31642-31648

Georgia. Governor (1857-1865 : Brown).
     Special message of his excellency Joseph E. Brown, to the legislature : upon the subjects of conscription, martial law, habeas corpus and the impressment of private property by Confederate officers, November 6th, 1862.
Milledgeville, Ga. : Boughton, Nisbet & Barnes. 1862
National Defense.
23 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-27.
     Fiche: 31997

Great Britain.
     The statutes relating to the War Office and to the Army.
London : Printed under the superintendence of H.M.S.O. 1880
National Defense.
xxiii, 211 p. ; 25 cm.; UK-70-34; selected and arranged by Charles M. Clode.
     Fiche: 83551-83553

House, Charles J., b. 1842?
     Names of soldiers of the American Revolution who applied for state bounty under resolves of March 17, 1835, March 24, 1836, and March 20, 1836, as appears of record in Land Office.
Augusta [Me.] : Burleigh & Flynt. 1893
National Defense.
50 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-16; compiled by Charles J. House.
     Fiche: 31787

Hubbard, Henry, 1784-1857.
     Speech of Mr. Hubbard of New Hampshire : upon the bill of making further provisions for the persons engaged in the land and naval service of the U. States during the revolutionary war, delivered in the House of Representatives, February 29, 1832.
Washington City : Printed at the Globe office by F.P. Blair. 1832
National Defense.
29 p. ; 22 cm.; US-70-21.
     Fiche: 31792

Hughes, Jeremiah, 1783-1848.
     The Maryland militia hand-book.
Annapolis [Md.] : Compiled and printed by J. Hughes. 1824
National Defense.
101 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-11.
     Fiche: 31771-31772

An Inquiry into the constitutionality of military reserves within the boundaries of the several states.
[S.l. : s.n.]. [186-?]
National Defense.
35 p. ; 21 cm.; US-70-23.
     Fiche: 31993

Jolliffe, John, 1804-1868.
     Argument in behalf of the claim of Wm. J. Minor, Esq. for property appropriated by officers of the United States.
Washington, D.C. : McGill & Witherow. [1866?]
National Defense.
10 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-25.
     Fiche: 31995

Jolliffe, John, 1804-1868.
     To the Honorable the Judiciary Committee of the Senate of the United States.
[Washington, D.C.? : s.n.]. [1867]
National Defense.
28 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-24.
     Fiche: 31994

Lieber, Francis, 1800-1872.
     Instructions for the government of armies of the United States, in the field.
New York : D. Van Nostrand. 1863
National Defense.
36 p. ; 20 cm.; US-70-4; prepared by Francis Lieber; and revised by a board of officers.
     Fiche: 31460

McCall, George A. (George Archibald), 1802-1868.
     Letters from the frontiers : written during a period of thirty years' service in the Army of the United States.
Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott. 1868
National Defense.
539 p. ; 21 cm.; US-70-14.
     Fiche: 31779-31784

Page, Henry Folsom, 1821-1891.
     The law of warrants, entries, surveys and patents, in the Virginia Military District in Ohio : with copious references to the Kentucky decisions.
Columbus [Ohio] : J.H. Riley. 1850
National Defense.
160 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-15.
     Fiche: 31785-31786

Prendergast, Harris, 1805-1878.
     The law relating to officers of the Navy.
London : Parker, Furnivall, and Parker. 1852
National Defense.
xxvi, 481 p. ; 19 cm.; UK-70-30.
     Fiche: 55347-55352

Raff, George W. (George Wertz), 1825-1888.
     A manual of pensions, bounty, and pay : containing the laws, forms and regulations relating to pensions, bounty land, bounty money, pay, claims for horses and other property destroyed, etc., etc. : with the opinions of the attorneys-general, and the official regulations and decisions pertaining to these subjects.
Cincinnati : R. Clarke. 1862
National Defense.
viii, 477 p. : forms ; 22 cm.; US-70-9.
     Fiche: 31687-31692

Randolph, Thomas P.
     The Pension attorney's guide : a ready reference to the laws of the United States relating to pensions, the standard decisions upon all matters relating to title to pension.
Washington, D.C. : J.F. Sheiry. 1892
National Defense.
520 p. : forms ; 23 cm.; US-70-6; compiled by Thomas P. Randolph and Edward P. Hall.
     Fiche: 31636-31641

Read, John M. (John Meredith), 1797-1874.
     Opinion of Hon. John M. Read, of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania : in favor of the constitutionality of the act of Congress of March 3, 1863, "For enrolling and calling out the national forces and for other purposes."
Philadelphia : Caxton Press of C. Sherman, Son & Co. 1863
National Defense.
20 p. ; 24 cm.; US-70-18.
     Fiche: 31789

Report on the injustice and inequality of the militia law of Massachusetts : with regard to the rights of conscience.
Boston : Printed by Isaac Knapp. 1838
National Defense.
16 p. ; 16 cm.; US-70-10.
     Fiche: 31770

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
     Address of Hon. Theodore Roosevelt ... : before the Naval War College, Newport, R.I., Wednesday, June 2, 1897.
Washington : Navy Branch, G.P.O. 1897
National Defense.
24 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-19.
     Fiche: 31790

Schumaker, John G. (John Godfrey), 1826-1905.
     Governor Seymour drove the rebels from Pennsylvania and quelled the draft riots in New York City : remarks of John G. Schumaker and George Opdyke, republican mayor during the riots : in the New York State Constitutional Convention, January 29, 1868.
[New York] : New York State Central Committee. 1868
National Defense.
8 p. ; 23 cm.; US-70-22.
     Fiche: 31793

Sewell, Robert, 1831-1897.
     Practice in the executive departments of the government under the pension, bounty, and prize laws of the United States : with forms and instructions for collecting arrears of pay, bounty, and prize money, and for obtaining pensions.
New York : D. Appleton. 1864
National Defense.
358 p. ; 24 cm.; US-70-5.
     Fiche: 31632-31635

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