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Abbott, Josiah G.
     Argument of Hon. Josiah G. Abbott : in behalf of the petitioners before the Joint Special Committee of the Legislature of Massachusetts : on the petition of C.P. Talbot and others praying for the repeal of the act of 1860, for the removal of the dam across the Concord River at Billerica.
Boston : Wright & Potter. 1861
Public Property.
46 p. ; 23 cm.; US-74-25; phonographic report by James M. Pomeroy.
     Fiche: 35718

Allnutt, Henry, 1813-1898.
     The footpath manual : giving an outline of the law relating to public footpaths, roads, &c., for the use of the District and Parish councils, &c.
London : [National Footpath Preservation Society]. c1895
Public Property.
36 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.; UK-74-81; 2nd ed.
     Fiche: 59320

Ambrose, John W. (John Wolfe), 1838-1899.
     Congressional appropriation acts and the New York harbor : an exposition of the expenditures of the federal government for the improvement of rivers and harbors in the whole United States from 1790 to 1896.
New York : Evening Post Job Printing House. [1898]
Public Property.
50 p. ; 24 cm.; US-74-46.
     Fiche: 40317

Amulree, William W. Mackenzie (William Warrender Mackenzie), Baron, 1860-1942.
     Pratt's Law of highways, main roads and bridges.
London : Shaw & Sons. 1897
Public Property.
lxxxiii, 843, 80 p. ; 26 cm.; UK-74-97; 14th ed.
     Fiche: 70263-70273

Amulree, William W. Mackenzie (William Warrender Mackenzie), Baron, 1860-1942.
     Pratt's Law of highways, main roads and bridges : in two parts.--13th ed.
London : Shaw. 1893
Public Property.
lvi, 1016 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-74-96; by William W. MacKenzie and James Weir.
     Fiche: 70136-70147

Angell, Joseph Kinnicut, 1794-1857.
     A treatise on the law of highways.
Boston : Little, Brown. 1857
Public Property.
xxvi, 462 p. ; 25 cm.; US-74-17; by Joseph K. Angell and Thomas Durfee.
     Fiche: 35436-35441

Angell, Joseph Kinnicut, 1794-1857.
     A treatise on the law of highways.
Boston : Little, Brown. 1868
Public Property.
xxxvi, 579 p. ; 24 cm.; US-74-18; by Joseph K. Angell and Thomas Durfee. 2nd ed., with notes and references to the later cases, by George F. Choate.
     Fiche: 35442-35448

Angell, Joseph Kinnicut, 1794-1857.
     A treatise on the law of highways.
Boston : Little, Brown. 1886
Public Property.
xl, 625 p. ; 25 cm.; US-74-19; by Joseph K. Angell and Thomas Durfee. 3rd ed., with notes and references to the later cases, by George F. Choate.
     Fiche: 35449-35456

Attorney General of the U.S. and Attorney of the U.S. for the Territory of Arkansas.
Washington, D.C. : United States Congress, House of Representatives. 1830
Public Property.
12 p. ; 24 cm.; US-74-69.
     Fiche: 51797

Baker, Thomas, b. 1819.
     The law of highways in England and Wales : including bridges and locomotives : comprising a succinct code of the several provisions under each head, the statutes at length in an appendix, with notes of cases, forms, and copious index.
London : Stevens. 1880
Public Property.
x, 446 p. : forms ; 22 cm.; UK-74-12.
     Fiche: 49771-49776

Barclay, Hugh, 1799-1884.
     Law of highways in Scotland : with statutes and digest of decided cases in England and Scotland.
Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark. 1863
Public Property.
viii, 350 p. ; forms ; 23 cm.; UK-74-11; 4th ed.
     Fiche: 49767-49770

Bateman, Joseph, 1797-1863.
     A supplement to the General Turnpike Road Act, of 3 Geo. IV. Cap. 126 : containing the three acts of 4 Geo. IV. : with notes and additional forms, and general rules for repairing roads : to which is prefixed, a digested index to the whole of the turnpike road acts now in force.
London : Printed for the Associated Law Booksellers, and sold by A. Maxwell. 1823
Public Property.
126 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill., forms ; 20 cm.; UK-74-90.
     Fiche: 68330-68331

Bergau, Louis.
     Swamp land laws : with the instructions, opinions and decisions of the Secretary of the Interior, and the Commissioner of the General Land Office and the Supreme Court of the United States.
Jefferson City [Mo.] : Published by the compiler. 1876
Public Property.
71 p. : forms ; 24 cm.; US-74-26; compiled by Louis Bergau.
     Fiche: 35719

Botts, C. T. (Charles Tyler), 1809-1884.
     Review of the Report of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives : recommending the passage of bill no. 65, for the relief of William McGarrahan : reported May 8, 1868.
Washington, D.C. : McGill & Witherow. 1868
Public Property.
29 p. ; 24 cm.; US-74-27.
     Fiche: 35720

Brewer, John M.
     The law and rules of the Land Office of Maryland.
Baltimore : Kelly, Piet. 1871
Public Property.
xiv, 166 p. ; 23 cm.; US-74-44; by John M. Brewer and Lewis Mayer.
     Fiche: 37145-37146

Brewer, Nicholas.
     Message of the President of the United States communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, a copy of the opinion of Judge Brewer in the Great Falls land condemnation case.
[Washington, D.C. : U.S. G.P.O.]. [1859]
Public Property.
17 p. ; 22 cm.; US-74-20.
     Fiche: 35457

Buel, David, 1747-1836.
     Constitutionality of a bridge at Albany : as shown in the remarks of D. Buel, Jr. and Benjamin F. Butler, and the opinion of Chief Justice Savage in the Troy Bridge case ... : with an abstract of the testimony.
Albany : Munsell & Tanner. 1845
Public Property.
20 p. ; 23 cm.; US-74-71.
     Fiche: 51954

Catchings, T. C. (Thomas Clendenin), 1847-1927.
     Rivers and harbors : speech of Hon. T.C. Catchings, of Mississippi, in the House of Representatives, May 22, 1890 : a discussion of the commercial importance of the Mississippi River, the theories and methods upon and by which the river is being improved, the value of levees in this connection and the duty of the government to build them.
Washington : [s.n.]. 1890
Public Property.
27 p. ; 23 cm.; US-74-28.
     Fiche: 35721

Chambers, George F. (George Frederick), 1841-1915.
     The law relating to highways and bridges : being the statutes in full and brief notes of 700 leading cases ... to which is added the law relating to the lighting of rural parishes under the "Lighting Act, 1833"
London : Stevens & Sons. 1878
Public Property.
vii, 185 p. : forms ; 27 cm.; UK-74-82.
     Fiche: 60599-60601

Clemens, G. C. (Gasper Christopher), 1849-1906.
     A manual of the law of roads and highways in the state of Kansas : with forms and record entries.
Topeka, Kan. : G.W. Crane. 1892
Public Property.
96 p. ; 23 cm.; US-74-48; 3rd ed.
     Fiche: 40319-40320

Clementson, George B. (George Burr), b. 1871.
     The road rights and liabilities of wheelmen : with table of contents and list of cases.
Chicago : Callaghan. 1895
Public Property.
xxvi, 7-208 p. ; 18 cm.; US-74-30.
     Fiche: 35728-35730

Cobbett, William, 1798-1878.
     The law of turnpikes, or, An analytical arrangement of, and illustrative commentaries on, all the general acts relative to the turnpike roads of England.
London : W. Cobbett. 1828
Public Property.
iv, 196 p. : forms ; 20 cm.; UK-74-83; 2nd ed.
     Fiche: 61269-61271

Colton, Calvin, 1789-1857.
     The public lands.
New York : Greeley & McElrath. 1844
Public Property.
16 p. ; 22 cm.; US-74-31.
     Fiche: 35731

Conder, J.B. Reignier.
     A Hand-book of highway cases : noted in "The Surveyor and municipal and county engineer"
London : St. Bride's Press. [1899]
Public Property.
116 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-74-14; carefully revised and corrected by J.B. Reignier Conder.
     Fiche: 50004-50005

Cook, Robley D.
     Manual of the highway laws of the state of New York : with an appendix of forms.
Albany : J.D. Parsons, Jr. 1870
Public Property.
xiii, 357 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.; US-74-42.
     Fiche: 36065-36068

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