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Graves, Thomas Thatcher, 1841-1893.
     Death in the mail : a narrative of the murder of a wealthy widow and the trial and conviction of the assassin, who was her physician, attorney and friendly advisor.
Providence : Providence Journal Print. 1892
421 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.; US-96-24.
     Fiche: 51937-51941

Green, Henry G., 1823?-1845.
     Trial of Henry G. Green for the murder of his wife : containing the district attorney's opening, the testimony complete, Judge Parker's charge.
Troy, N.Y. : [s.n.]. 1845
48 p. ; 23 cm.; US-96-8.
     Fiche: 50902

Hazard, Thomas R. (Thomas Robinson), 1797-1886.
     An appeal to the people of Rhode Island, in behalf of the constitution and the laws.
[S.l. : s.n.]. 1857
163, [1] p. : plan ; 25 cm.; US-96-23.
     Fiche: 51864-51865

Hazard, Thomas R. (Thomas Robinson), 1797-1886.
     Extraordinary legislative and judicial, official, and professional proceedings in Rhode Island, in the nineteenth century : fished from dark waters.
Providence : Printed for the author. 1865
69 p. ; 26 cm.; US-96-30.
     Fiche: 66618

Hossack, John.
     Report of the trial of John Hossack : indicted for rescuing a fugitive slave from the U.S. deputy marshal, at Ottawa, October 20th, 1859 : phonographically reported, including the evidence, arguments of counsel & charge of the court, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Honorable Thomas Drummond, judge, February term, 1860.
Chicago : Press & Tribune Steam Book and Job Printing Office. 1860
265 p. ; 19 cm.; US-96-7; R.R. Hitt, reporter.
     Fiche: 50899-50901

Impeachment trial of David Butler, governor of Nebraska, at Lincoln.
Omaha : Tribune Steam Book and Job Print. House. 1871
26, 70, 133, 88, 65, 28 p. ; 22 cm.; US-96-40; Messrs. Bell, Hall and Brown, official reporters.
     Fiche: 74661-74665

Jackson, Albert, d. 1878.
     Official report of the trial of the Hon. Albert Jackson : judge of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, before the Senate, composing the High Court of Impeachment of the State of Missouri.
Jefferson City [Mo.] : W.G. Cheeney. 1859
iv, 480 p. ; 22 cm.; US-96-2; reported by Thomas J. Henderson.
     Fiche: 50598-50603

Jackson, James, 19th cent.
     Report of the trial, before Judges Thompson and Betts, in the Circuit Court of the U.S. for the Southern District of New-York : in the case of James Jackson, ex dem. Theodosius Fowler and others vs. James Carver : involving the claim of John Jacob Astor to lands in Putnam County : with the arguments of counsel, and the charge of Judge Thompson.
New-York : E. Bliss. 1827
66 p. ; 22 cm.; US-96-16.
     Fiche: 50930

The Jefferson Borden mutiny : trial of George Miller, John Glew and William Smith for murder on the high seas, before Clifford and Lowell, JJ.
Boston : Printed under direction of the Clerk of the Court. 1876
141 p. ; 20 cm.; US-96-46.
     Fiche: 76652-76653

John Logan versus William Wallace Young and others.
[S.l. : s.n.]. [1846?]
16 p. ; 23 cm.; US-96-22.
     Fiche: 51513

Jones, Arthur T., 19th cent.
     A horse story.
New York : G.F. Nesbitt. 1856
337 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.; US-96-18; by an old gray horse, continued by Arthur T. Jones.
     Fiche: 50932-50935

Kehoe, John, 1837-1878.
     Report of the case of the Commonwealth vs. John Kehoe et al. : members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, commonly known as "Molly Maguires," indicted in the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for Schuylkill County, Penna., for an aggravated assault and battery with intent to kill Wm. M. Thomas, with the testimony and arguments of counsel in full.
Pottsville [Pa.] : Miners' Journal Book and Job Rooms. 1876
262 p. ; 23 cm.; US-96-55; stenographically reported by R.A. West.
     Fiche: 78515-78517

Knapp, John Francis, 1810-1830.
     Second trial of John Francis Knapp, at Salem : for the alleged murder of Capt. Joseph White.
[Salem, Mass. : s.n.]. [1830]
8 p. : port. ; 22 cm.; US-96-6.
     Fiche: 50898

Knapp, John Francis, 1810-1830.
     Trial of George Crowninshield, J.J. Knapp, Jun. and John Francis Knapp : for the murder of Capt. Joseph White, of Salem, on the night of the sixth of April, 1830.
Boston : Beals and Homer, and F. Ingraham. 1830
104 p. ; 22 cm.; US-96-5; reported by John W. Whitman.
     Fiche: 50896-50897

The Life, condemnation, dying addrss [sic], and trial of the three Thayers : who were executed for the murder of John Love, at Buffalo, N.Y. June 17th, 1825.
Buffalo : Printed for the publisher. 1825
15 p. ; 21 cm.; US-96-32.
     Fiche: 69775

Louisiana journalist.
     Observations on the case of Judge Durell, of Louisiana.
[S.l. : s.n.]. [1872?]
24 p. ; 22 cm.; US-96-21.
     Fiche: 51512

MacNevin, Thomas.
     The leading state trials in Ireland : from the year 1794 to 1803 : with introduction, notes, &c.
Dublin : J. Duffy. 1844
598 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-96-65.
     Fiche: 85303-85309

Maulsby, William P.
     A report of the proceedings in the matter of the application of William P. Maulsby, to Hon. James L. Bartol, one of the judges of the Court of Appeals of Maryland, for a writ of habeas corpus, to relieve him from a sentence pronounced against him for alleged contempt of court by Hon. Madison Nelson.
Baltimore : H. Taylor. 1859
67 p. ; 23 cm.; US-96-29; reported by James Wingate, and James O. Clephane.
     Fiche: 61975

Official report of the trial of Laura D. Fair, for the murder of Alex. P. Crittenden : including the testimony, the arguments of counsel, and the charge of the court, reported verbatim, and the entire correspondence of the parties, with portraits of the defendant and the deceased.
San Francisco : San Francisco Co-operative Print. Co. 1871
4, 325, xvii p. : 2 ports. ; 26 cm.; US-96-41; from the short-hand notes of Marsh and Osbourne, official reporters of the courts.
     Fiche: 74812-74815

Porter, John K. (John Kilham), 1819-1892.
     Guiteau trial : closing speech to the jury of John K. Porter, of New York, in the case of Charles J. Guiteau, the assassin of President Garfield, Washington, January 23, 1882.
New York : J. Polhemus. 1882
123 p. ; 23 cm.; US-96-53.
     Fiche: 78339-78340

Proceedings in the Senate on the investigation of the charges preferred against George M. Curtis, a justice of the Marine Court of the city of New York : in pursuance of a message from His Excellency the Governor, transmitting the charges and recommending his removal.
Albany : Weed, Parsons. 1874
748 p. ; 24 cm.; US-96-43.
     Fiche: 75611-75618

Remarkable trials of all countries : particularly of the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, and France : with notes and speeches of counsel : containing thrilling narratives of fact from the court-room, also historical reminiscences of wonderful events.
New York : Ward & Peloubet. 1878
464 p. ; 24 cm.; US-96-60; compiled by Thomas Dunphy and Thomas J. Cummins.
     Fiche: 81772-81776

Remarkable trials of all countries : particularly of the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, and France, with notes and speeches of counsel : containing thrilling narratives of fact from the courtroom, also historical reminiscences of wonderful events.
New York : Diossy. 1863-1882
2 v. ; 24 cm.; US-96-48; compiled by Thomas Dunphy and Thomas J. Cummins.
     Fiche: 76870-76879

Remault, J. Edwards.
     The "car-hook" tragedy : the life, trial, conviction and execution of William Foster for the murder of Avery D. Putnam : Governor Dix's letters.
Philadelphia : Barclay & Co. c1873
p. 19-96, [3] folded leaves of plates : ill. ; 24 cm.; US-96-54; written and compiled by J. Edwards Remault.
     Fiche: 78347-78348

Rubenstein, Pasach N. (Pasach Nissin), d. 1876.
     Trial of Pasach N. Rubenstein for the murder of Sarah Alexander, in the town of New Lots (near Brooklyn, New York), on the 12th day of December, 1875 : commenced at the Kings County Oyer and Terminer, on the 31st day of January, 1876 : with the evidence, arguments of counsel, charge of court, verdict of the jury, and sentence of the prisoner.
New York : Baker, Voorhis. 1876
331 p. ; 24 cm.; US-96-62.
     Fiche: 82228-82231

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