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A.S. Pratt and Sons.
     Pratts' Digest : the full text of the laws relating to national banks : with explanatory notes, digest of decisions of the courts on the several sections, index of cases cited and rulings of the comptroller of the currency : also monographs on the principal subjects relating to national banking, requirements and forms of the office of comptroller of the currency, and miscellaneous regulations of the governing bankers in the national system.
Washington, D.C. : Prepared and published by A.S. Pratt & Sons. c1905
Banking & Financing.
xxvi, 386 p. : forms ; 24 cm.; CTRG98-B1009; US/33/165; Ed. of 1905.
     Fiche: 34,137-34,141

A.S. Pratt and Sons.
     Pratt's Digest of federal banking laws : containing the full text of the National Bank Act, the Federal Reserve Act and other laws of interest to banks : with all amendments, annotations, cases, notes, informal rulings, regulations and opinions of counsel to April 1, 1920.
Washington, D.C. : A.S. Pratt & Son. [c1920]
Banking & Financing.
xxix, 590 p. : map ; 24 cm.; CTRG00-B1572; US/33/182; 1920 ed.; compiled and published by A.S. Pratt & Sons, Inc.
     Fiche: 44,012-44,019

Alabaster, C. Grenville (Chaloner Grenville), Sir.
     The law relating to the transactions of money-lenders and borrowers.
London : Stevens and Sons. 1908
Banking & Financing.
xxxi, 119 p. : forms ; 22 cm.; CTRG95-B2582; UK/33/135.
     Fiche: 11,082-11,083

Bacon, Frederick H. (Frederick Hampden), b. 1849.
     A treatise on the law of benefit societies and life insurance : voluntary associations, regular life, beneficiary and accident insurance.
St. Louis : F.H. Thomas. 1904
2 v. ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B3226; US/35/150; 3rd. ed.
     Fiche: 19,313-19,330

Bacon, Frederick H. (Frederick Hampden), b. 1849.
     A treatise on the law of life and accident insurance : including benefit societies, and voluntary associations.
St. Louis : F.H. Thomas. 1917
2 v. (xxxii, 1842 p.) ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B3104; US/35/128; 4th ed.
     Fiche: 9,042-9,063

Banking reform.
Chicago : National Citizen's League. 1912
Banking & Financing.
xii, 428 p., [1] folded leaf of plates ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B1636; US/33/118; edited by J. Laurence Laughlin.
     Fiche: 6,489-6,493

Barrand, Arthur Rhys.
     Further notes on some legal aspects of life assurance practice.
London : C. and E. Layton. 1907
131 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG95-B2490; UK/35/148.
     Fiche: 13,278-13,279

Baugh, Frederick H.
     Theory and practice of estate accounting : for accountants, lawyers, executors, administrators and trustees.
Baltimore, Md. : M. Curlander. 1925
xxviii, 321 p. : forms ; 24 cm.; CTRG99-B342; US/43/27; Frederick H. Baugh and William C. Schmeisser.
     Fiche: 39,464-39,467

Baugh, Frederick H. (Frederick Henry), b. 1879.
     Theory and practice of estate accounting : for accountants, lawyers, executors, administrators and trustees.
Baltimore : M. Curlander. 1910
xxviii, 321 p. : forms ; 24 cm.; CTRG96-B440; US/43/17.
     Fiche: 12,393-12,396

Bellot, Hugh H. L. (Hugh Hale Leigh), 1861-1928.
     The legal principles and practice of bargains with money-lenders in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, British India, and the colonies : including the Money-lenders Act, 1900 (annotated), regulations, rules, orders, and forms, together with digests of English, Scotch, Irish, Indian and colonial cases, and the origin and history of usury.
London : Stevens and Haynes. [1906]
Banking & Financing.
xxi, 566 p. : forms ; 25 cm.; CTRG95-B2530; UK/33/122; 2nd ed., enl.
     Fiche: 7,867-7,873

Bentley, Harry C. (Harry Clark), 1877-1967.
     The science of accounts : a presentation of the underlying principles of modern accounting.
New York : Ronald Press. 1913
393 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG96-B435; US/43/18.
     Fiche: 12,397-12,401

Bewes, Wyndham Anstis, 1857-1942.
     Stock Exchange law and practice.
London : Sweet and Maxwell. 1910
xxviii, 279 p. : forms ; 22 cm.; CTRG95-B2491; UK/34/33.
     Fiche: 7,928-7,931

Black, Henry Campbell, 1860-1927.
     Handbook of the law and practice in bankruptcy.
St. Paul, Minn. : West Pub. Co. 1924
Banking & Financing.
xv, 905 p. : forms ; 24 cm.; CTRG99-B367; US/33/176.
     Fiche: 39,531-39,541

Bolles, Albert Sidney, 1846-1939.
     The National Bank Act and its judicial meaning.
Philadelphia : G.T. Bisel. c1910
Banking & Financing.
lvi, 556 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B1749; US/33/120; 4th ed.
     Fiche: 6,822-6,828

Bolles, Albert Sidney, 1846-1939.
     A treatise on the modern law of banking.
Philadelphia : G.T. Bisel. 1907
Banking & Financing.
2 v. (lxxix, 1124 p.) ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B3225; US/33/129.
     Fiche: 9,243-9,256

Boston Stock Exchange.
     Constitution of the Boston Stock Exchange : with rules and resolutions adopted by the Governing Committee : amended to March, 1905.
Boston : N. Sawyer & Son, Printers. 1915
77 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG96-B1922; US/34/64.
     Fiche: 41,684

Boston Stock Exchange.
     Constitution of the Boston Stock Exchange : with rules and resolutions, November, 1915.
Boston : N. Sawyer & Son, printers. 1915
91 p. ; 18 cm.; CTRG96-B1905; US/34/66.
     Fiche: 43,616-43,618

Brady, John Edson.
     Bank deposits, trust deposits, alternate deposits, joint deposits : a full statement of the general principles of law governing these forms of deposits : digests of all cases involving such deposits which have been decided by the courts of the different states : complete text of the statutes regulating these deposits, which have been enacted in twenty-seven states.
New York : Banking Law Journal. c1911
Banking & Financing.
vii, 319 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B3221; US/33/131.
     Fiche: 9,476-9,479

Brady, John Edson.
     Trust companies as executors : a few pertinent observations on the advantages derived from the appointment of trust companies as executors of wills which find support in the decisions of the courts.
New York : Columbia Trust Co. [1916]
Banking & Financing.
14 p. ; 26 cm.; CTRG95-B3081; US/33/158.
     Fiche: 29,685

Branch, Oliver E. (Oliver Ernesto), b. 1847.
     The conservation of the Constitution : response of Oliver E. Branch at the banquet of the New Hampshire State Bar Association, at Portsmouth, June 25, 1910.
Concord, N.H. : Rumford Press. 1910
Business Planning.
8 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG98-B496; US/36/48.
     Fiche: 34,151

Brandeis, Louis Dembitz, 1856-1941.
     Business, a profession.
Boston : Small, Maynard. c1914
Business Planning.
lvi, 327 p., [1] leaf of plates : port. ; 21 cm.; CTRG96-B193; US/36/33; with a foreword by Ernest Poole.
     Fiche: 11,827-11,831

Brandeis, Louis Dembitz, 1856-1941.
     Life insurance, the abuses and the remedies : an address delivered before the Commercial Club of Boston.
Boston : Policy-Holders Protective Committee. [1905]
27 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG95-B3110; US/35/190.
     Fiche: 44,340

Breckenridge, Ralph W.
     Is a fire insurance policy a promissory note, payable in the event of a fire?
[U.S. : s.n.]. [1902?]
8 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B3109; US/35/165.
     Fiche: 29,688

Brown, David Walter.
     The commercial power of Congress : considered in the light of its origin : the origin, development, and contemporary interpretation of the commerce clause of the federal constitution, from the New Jersey representations, of 1778, to the embargo laws of Jefferson's second administration, in 1809.
New York ; London : G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1910
Business Planning.
ix, 284 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG96-B190; US/36/31.
     Fiche: 11,631-11,634

Browne, Edmond, Sir, 1857-1928.
     The law of national insurance : with introduction and notes.
London : Sweet & Maxwell. 1912
xlvii, 436, 42 p. : forms ; 22 cm.; CTRG97-B759; UK/35/154; 2nd ed.; Edmond Browne and H. Kingsley Wood.
     Fiche: 22,298-22,303

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