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Albert M. Kales.
     Cases on contracts and combinations in restraint of trade : selected from the decisions of English and American courts.
Chicago : Callaghan. 1916
Unfair Competition.
2 v. (xiv, 1280 p.) ; 23 cm.; CTRG96-B279; US/46/10.
     Fiche: 11,884-11,898

Aldrich, Edgar.
     Trusts and monopolies : speech.
Concord, N.H. : Rumford Print Co. 1903
Unfair Competition.
39 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG96-B1113; US/46/33.
     Fiche: 44,190

American Bar Association. Section of Patent, Trade-mark and Copyright Law.
     Report of Special Committee on Federal Procedure to the Patent Section of the American Bar Association.
[U.S. : s.n.]. [1910?]
Patents & Trademarks.
53 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG97-B86; US/45/206.
     Fiche: 44,403

Ansell, S. T. (Samuel Tilden).
     Legal and historical aspects of the militia.
[New Haven, Conn.?] : [s.n.]. [1917?]
Patents & Trademarks.
p. [471]-481 ; 26 cm.; CTRG97-B1791; US/45/175.
     Fiche: 27,111

Benjamin, Reuben M. (Reuben Moore), 1833-1917.
     Plea for an anti-monopoly amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
Bloomington, Ill. : Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Co. 1914
Antitrust Law.
24 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG96-B1115; US/47/58; R.M. Benjamin.
     Fiche: 38,526

Blakiston, William Graham.
     The revocation of patents worked abroad.
London : E. Stock. 1912
Patents & Trademarks.
vi, 52 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG97-B2737; UK/45/174.
     Fiche: 25,938

Bowker, R. R. (Richard Rogers), 1848-1933.
     Copyright, its history and its law : being a summary of the principles and practice of copyright with special reference to the American code of 1909 and the British act of 1911.
Boston ; New York : Houghton Mifflin. 1912
xxiii, 709 p. ; 25 cm.; CTRG96-B316; US/44/58.
     Fiche: 13,829-13,836

Brown, W. Jethro (William Jethro), 1868.
     The prevention and control of monopolies.
London : J. Murray. 1914
Antitrust Law.
xix, 198 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B2615; UK/47/23.
     Fiche: 10,775-10,777

Butler, Rush C. (Rush Clark), b. 1871.
     The Federal Trade Commission : and the regulation of business under the Federal Trade Commission and Clayton laws.
Chicago : Callaghan. 1915
Antitrust Law.
vi, 103 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG98-B880; US/47/69; explanatory comments by Rush C. Butler and Cornelius Lynde.
     Fiche: 43,482-43,483

Cases on restraint of trade.
Cambridge : Harvard Law Review Pub. Co. 1902-1904
Unfair Competition.
4 v. ; 23 cm.; CTRG97-B3120; US/46/29; [compiled] by Bruce Wyman.
     Fiche: 28,801-28,811

Cooke, Frederick Hale, 1859-1912.
     The law of combinations, monopolies and labor unions.
Chicago : Callaghan. 1909
Antitrust Law.
lxix, 466 p. ; 25 cm.; CTRG96-B2630; US/47/45; 2nd ed.
     Fiche: 18,149-18,154

Copinger, Walter Arthur, 1847-1910.
     The law of copyright : in works of literature and art : including that of the drama, music, engraving, sculpture, painting, photography, and designs : together with international and foreign copyright, with the statutes relating thereto, and references to the English and American decisions.
London : Stevens & Haynes. 1904
xlv, 816, ccxciv p. : forms ; 26 cm.; CTRG95-B2628; UK/44/49; 4th ed. / by J.M. Easton.
     Fiche: 7,947-7,959

Copinger, Walter Arthur, 1847-1910.
     The law of copyright, in works of literature, art, architecture, photography, music and the drama : including chapters on mechanical contrivances and cinematographs : together with international and foreign copyright, with the statutes relating thereto.
London : Stevens and Haynes. 1915
xxxi, 795 p. ; 26 cm.; CTRG95-B2899; UK/44/52; 5th ed. / by J.M. Easton.
     Fiche: 10,039-10,047

Cutler, Edward, 1831-1924.
     A manual of musical copyright law : for the use of music-publishers and artists, and of the legal profession.
London : Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent. 1905
xix, 131, lxiii p. : music ; 22 cm.; CTRG98-B2257; UK/44/68.
     Fiche: 35,545-35,547

Cutler, John, 1839-1924.
     On passing off, or, Illegal substitution of the goods of one trader for the goods of another trader.
London : Gay and Bird. 1904
Patents & Trademarks.
viii, 94 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG96-B1478; UK/45/161.
     Fiche: 15,497-15,498

Darling, Joseph R. (Joseph Robinson), b. 1872.
     Darling on trusts.
New York : Neale. 1915
Antitrust Law.
258 p. ; 19 cm.; CTRG96-B510; US/47/28.
     Fiche: 12,491-12,493

De Wolf, Richard C. (Richard Crosby).
     An outline of copyright law.
Boston, Mass. : J.W. Luce. [c1925]
xxiv, 330 p. ; 21 cm.; CTRG99-B1056; US/44/70; introduction by Thorvald Solberg.
     Fiche: 42,474-42,478

Denison, Winfred T. (Winfred Thaxter), b. 1873.
     Industrial freedom and legal restraints : an address.
Washington, D.C. : [s.n.]. 1911
Antitrust Law.
16 leaves ; 24 cm.; CTRG96-B1027; US/47/55; delivered by Winfred T. Denison.
     Fiche: 34,966

Dos Passos, John R. (John Randolph), 1844-1917.
     Commercial mortmain : a study of the trust problem.
New York : Bench and Bar. 1916
Antitrust Law.
viii, 101 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG96-B1110; US/47/35.
     Fiche: 14,643-14,644

Dos Passos, John R. (John Randolph), 1844-1917.
     Commercial trusts, the growth and rights of aggregated capital : an argument delivered before the Industrial Commission at Washington, D.C., December 12, 1899.
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1901
Antitrust Law.
viii p., 137 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG96-B560; US/47/37; corrected and revised by John R. Dos Passos.
     Fiche: 14,779-14,780

Durand, Edward Dana, b. 1871.
     The trust problem.
Cambridge : Harvard University Press. 1915
Antitrust Law.
145 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG96-B508; US/47/48.
     Fiche: 29,394-29,395

Earle, George H. (George Howard), 1856-1928.
     The liberty to trade as buttressed by national law.
Philadelphia : [s.n.]. 1909
Unfair Competition.
84 p. ; 28 cm.; CTRG96-B1130; US/46/30.
     Fiche: 29,508

Eddy, Arthur Jerome, 1859-1920.
     The law of combinations : embracing monopolies, trusts, and combinations of labor and capital, conspiracy and contracts in restraint of trade, together with federal and state anti-trust legislation and the incorporation laws of New Jersey, West Virginia and Delaware.
Chicago : Callaghan. c1901
Unfair Competition.
2v. (xxxviii, 1540 p.) ; 25 cm.; CTRG96-B1247; US/46/16.
     Fiche: 14,469-14,486

Eddy, Arthur Jerome, 1859-1920.
     The new competition : an examination of the conditions underlying the radical change that is taking place in the commercial and industrial world--the change from a competitive to a coèoperative basis.
New York : D. Appleton. 1912
Unfair Competition.
375 p. ; 22 cm.; CTRG96-B1249; US/46/17.
     Fiche: 14,496-14,500

Edmunds, Lewis, b. 1860.
     The law of copyright in designs : together with the practice relating to proceedings in the courts and in the Comptroller's Office, the Patents and Designs Act, 1907, and the Repealed Acts, 1883-1888, compared, the statutory rules and forms, and the International Convention : with notes and a full appendix of statutes, forms and precedents, with illustrations.
London : Sweet and Maxwell. 1908
xliii, 488 p. : ill., forms ; 25 cm.; CTRG97-B745; UK/44/61; 2nd ed.; Lewis Edmunds and Herbert Bentwich.
     Fiche: 21,994-21,999

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