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77 questions selected from recent bar examinations.
[St. Paul, Minn. : West]. c1914
Legal Education.
40 p. ; 26 cm.; CTRG95-B3509; US/07/356.
     Fiche: 37,967

Abbott, Nathan, 1854-1941.
     The undergraduate study of law : a paper read before the Section of Legal Education.
[U.S.] : American Bar Association. 1901
Legal Education.
16 p. ; 25 cm.; CTRG95-B3522; US/07/365.
     Fiche: 38,837

Allen, C. F. (Calvin Francis), 1851-1948.
     The case system for the study of law : what it is, and its bearing on engineering education.
[U.S. : s.n.]. [1919?]
Legal Education.
p. 42-59 ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B3521; US/07/366.
     Fiche: 38,838

Ames, Charles Lesley.
     Reference book : a companion book illustrating the third edition of Brief making and the use of law books.
Saint Paul [Minn] : West. 1914
Legal Education.
ix, 807 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.; CTRG95-B1356; US/07/278; arranged and compiled by Charles Lesley Ames.
     Fiche: 882-891

Archer, Gleason Leonard, 1880.
     Introduction to the study of law in Suffolk Law School.
Boston, Mass. : Suffolk Law School Press. 1919
Legal Education.
51 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B3344; US/07/379.
     Fiche: 41,365

Ashley, Clarence D. (Clarence Degrand), 1851-1916.
     Legal education and preparation therefore : a paper read before the Section of Legal Education of the American Bar Association at its annual meeting held at Denver, Col., August 23, 1901.
[U.S., s.n.]. 1901?
Legal Education.
13 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B3514; US/07/359.
     Fiche: 38,120

Ashley, Clarence D. (Clarence Degrand), 1851-1916.
     The maintenance of regular courses of instruction in law at night, parallel to courses in the day, does not tend inevitably to lower educational standards : a protest : facts, statistics and arguments.
[New York : New York University]. [1914?]
Legal Education.
64 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B2024; US/07/347; compiled and prepared by Clarence D. Ashley.
     Fiche: 34,578

Association of American Law Schools.
     Memorial in favor of establishing a department of legal research under the auspices of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.
Washington, D.C. : Printed for the Carnegie Institution of Washington. 1908
Legal Education.
9 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG98-B621; US/07/393.
     Fiche: 43,586

Aulls, Samuel D.
     Aulls' quizzer on the New York code of civil procedure : being a complete digest touching fully on the important sections of the code, including the Mechanic's Lien Law in effect September 1, 1897 ... for the use of students, justices of the peace and the practitioner.
Albany, N.Y. : M. Bender. 1908
Legal Education.
143 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B2923; US/07/293; 2nd ed.
     Fiche: 1,550-1,551

Bannister, L. Ward (Lucius Ward), 1871.
     Outline of a course on water rights under the appropriation system.
[U.S. : s.n.]. 1914
Legal Education.
13 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B2216; US/07/345.
     Fiche: 34,573

Bannister, L. Ward (Lucius Ward), 1871.
     Outline of a course on water rights under the appropriation system.
[U.S. : s.n.]. 1915
Legal Education.
17 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B2217; US/07/343; [2nd ed.].
     Fiche: 34,535

Bannister, L. Ward (Lucius Ward), 1871.
     Outline of a course on water rights under the appropriation system.
[U.S. : s.n.]. 1917
Legal Education.
19 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B2227; US/07/387; 3rd ed.
     Fiche: 41,418

Bannister, L. Ward (Lucius Ward), 1871.
     Outline of a course on water rights under the appropriation system.
[U.S. : s.n.]. 1919
Legal Education.
20 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B3508; US/07/350; 4th ed.
     Fiche: 34,906

Bates, Henry M. (Henry Moore), 1869.
     Recent progress in legal education.
Washington : G.P.O. 1915
Legal Education.
p. 225-238 ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B3513; US/07/358.
     Fiche: 38,119

Bates, Henry Moore, 1869-1949.
     Some problems in legal education in a period of transition in law : address of Henry M. Bates, as president, before the Association of American Law Schools, Montreal, September 1, 1913.
[U.S.? : s.n.]. [1913]
Legal Education.
18 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG98-B938; US/07/396.
     Fiche: 43,659

Baylis, Thomas Henry, 1817-1908.
     The Temple Church and Chapel of St. Ann, etc. : an historical record and guide.
London : G. Philip and Son. 1913
Legal Education.
xxv, 155 p., [14] leaves of plates (1 folded) : ill. ; 17 cm.; CTRG95-B4644; UK/07/317; 4th ed.
     Fiche: 6,103-6,105

Bent, Samuel Arthur, 1841-1912.
     Personal recollections : the Harvard Law School.
[U.S. : s.n.]. [1912?]
Legal Education.
p. 241-245 ; 26 cm.; CTRG95-B1591; US/07/349.
     Fiche: 34,822

Blackstone, William, Sir, 1723-1780.
     Letter of Will. Blackstone.
[U.S. : s.n.]. [1919?]
Legal Education.
[4] p. ; 26 cm.; CTRG95-B3371; US/07/384.
     Fiche: 41,374

Brown, Rome G. (Rome Green), 1862-1926.
     The law of waters : synopsis of lectures at Law School of University of Minnesota 1910-1911.
Minneapolis : Review Pub. Co. [1911?]
Legal Education.
22 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B2225; US/07/386.
     Fiche: 41,393

Brown, W. Jethro (William Jethro), 1868.
     The study of the law : an inaugural lecture delivered in the University College of Wales, October 19, 1901.
London : Stevens and Sons. 1902
Legal Education.
43 p. ; 26 cm.; CTRG95-B2450; UK/07/329.
     Fiche: 16,194

Busch, Francis X. (Francis Xavier), b. 1879.
     Busch and Dixon's Law examiner : consisting of Illinois bar examination questions carefully classified and answered.
Chicago : Callaghan. 1903
Legal Education.
viii, 248 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B2825; US/07/284.
     Fiche: 1,311-1,313

Carusi, Charles F. (Charles Francis), 1873-1931.
     Legal education and the bar : a brief in opposition to arbitrary requirements of candidates for admission to the bar, and in favor of the substitution of tests for intendments.
[Washington, D.C.? : s.n.]. [1907?]
Legal Education.
16 p. ; 23 cm.; CTRG95-B3520; US/07/353; Charles F. Carusi.
     Fiche: 34,930

Catalogue of the Litchfield Law School.
[Litchfield, Conn. : s.n.]. [1900]
Legal Education.
27 p., [5] leaves of plates : ill. ; 22 cm.; CTRG95-B3161; US/07/385.
     Fiche: 41,383

Centralization and the law : scientific legal education, an illustration.
Boston : Little, Brown. 1906
Legal Education.
xvii, 296 p. ; 20 cm.; CTRG95-B1299; US/07/273; with an introduction by Melville M. Bigelow.
     Fiche: 572-575

Chaplin, Stewart.
     Lecture notes on the New York law of wills : for use in connection with Chaplin on wills.
New York : Baker, Voorhis. 1900
Legal Education.
64 p. ; 24 cm.; CTRG95-B2855; US/07/289.
     Fiche: 1,464

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