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Across the top frame of this page is a single letter index to the collection name.  By clicking on a given letter you will be taken to a listing of collections that start with that letter.

Listed down the bottom frame are the titles in alphabetical order. Next to each collection title can be the links: [Subsets] [View Guide] [Collection Information] and [Download]. For example:

Nineteenth Century Legal Treatises  [Subsets]  [View Guide]  [Collection Information]  [Download]

A brief explaination of these links:

Subsets: Sometimes larger guides have also been broken down into several categories. These categories or subsets contain the same information as the larger complete guide that it belongs to. This link will bring the user to a page displaying all subsets for a particular guide.
View Guide: This guide is browseable and searchable. This link will take the user to the first page of this guide. Download-only guides do not have this link.
Collection Information: This guide has introductory information for the guide or can contain futher information that may be useful to the user.
Download: This link takes you to a screen showing all available formats available to the user for download.

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