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Adson, John - English.
     Adsonn's Masque; Mr Adson's Masque: two tunes.
After 1635
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 10444; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 226; iii, 173-5; Type: Ms.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Masque Tunes; Instrumental Chamber Music: String Duets
     Reel: 14

Agricola, Alexander - Franco-Netherlands.
     C'est mal cherche.
16th century
Manuscript Number: Royal 20 a 16; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 127. Ms also includes drawing of a Flemish psaltery.; Type: Ms.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Chansons
     Reel: 6

Albert, Heinrich - German.
     Keine nacht, kein Tag vergehet, for 2 trebles.
Manuscript Number: Sloane 1021; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 54. From Albert's Arien, part one c.1640.; Type: Ms. Quasi-score.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Duets
     Reel: 12

Alberti, Innocento - Italian.
     Se da begli occhi; Leggiadra pastorella; Questa di lieti et odorati fiori; La verginella; Quanto sei piu; Lieto, felice; Deh, potess' io; Il di che pria de vostr' occhi; Gli atti, donna gentil; Crescan pur; Nova Angioletta; Qui, dove corre; Vattene...pur superb', alta Ferara; Per un' alma gentil; Chiari lumi; S'io son alla dolc' ombra; Mentre fermo 'l pensier; La partita crudel; Tutto 'l di piango; In qual parte del ciel; Tanta doglia; Disperato dolor; Nasce da bella fiamma; Locar soura gli abissi; Per secreto divino.
Manuscript Number: Royal Appendix 36-40; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 129. Compiled for Henry, 18th Earl of Arundel; Type: Ms.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Madrigals
     Reel: 9

Alison, Richard - English.
     Jane Pickering's Lute-book: The pavinge of Allason.
Manuscript Number: Egerton 2046 reversed; Hughes-Hughes vol.iii, 66; Type: Ms. Part transcribed Jane Pickeringe (Puckering).
Genre: Instrumental Chamber Music: Lute Solos
     Reel: 3

Alison, Richard (Publisher) - English.
     Index to The Psalmes of David in Meter.
After 1599
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 15117 f.24; Hughes-Hughes vol.i, 183. RMARC 7, 51; Type: Ms.
Genre: Sacred Vocal Music: Hymns
     Reel: 14

Ambrose, John - English.
     Canon without words.
Early 16th century
Manuscript Number: Royal Appendix 58 f.16b; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 1; Type: Ms.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Canons
     Reel: 11

Amner, John - English.
     Sainte Marie now à 4; Sweet ar the thoughts à 4; Com, letes rejoyce à 4; Remember not, Lorde à 5; I will sing unto the Lord à 5; Hee that decended à 5.
1615; copied after 1624
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 17792-6; Hughes-Hughes vol.i, 13; Type: Ms. Vocal partbooks C,A,T,Q,B; lacking Sx.
Genre: Sacred Vocal Music: Anthems
     Reel: 16

Ana, Francesco d' - Italian; Brocco, Nicolo - Italian; Cara, Marchetto - Italian; Fogliano, Giacomo - Italian; Josquin Desprez - Northern French; Lurano, Filippo de - Italian; Tromboncino, Bartolomeo - Italian.
     Frottole, strambotti.
Manuscript Number: Egerton 3051; Type: Ms.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Odes
     Reel: 3

Anerio - Italian; Caccini, Giulio (Attrib.) - Italian; Coprario, John - English; Dering, Richard - English; Tregian, Francis (copyist) - English; Du Caurroy, Eustache - French; East, Michael - English; Ferrabosco I, Domenico Maria - Italian; Ferrab.
     The Tregian Anthology.
Early 17th century
Manuscript Number: Egerton 3665; Transcribed from printed sources, some of which are no longer extant; Type: Ms.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Madrigals; Secular Vocal Music: Motets; Instrumental Chamber Music: Fantazias, Pavans Etc
     Reel: 4

Anerio, Felice - Italian.
     Flora, fayre love; Long hath my love; Cease, shepherds, cease; When loe by breake of morning; Miraculous loves wounding; Pearle, Christall, gould and Ruby.
After 1604
Manuscript Number: Egerton 995; Hughes-Hughes vol.ii, 141. with English words from the anthologies of Watson, Yonge and Morley.; Type: Ms.
Genre: Secular Vocal Music: Madrigals
     Reel: 2

     8 Allemandes; Love is strange; Glorye of the North; A Scotts tuen; Hornpipe; The Nightingale; Courante and Sarabande (2 sets); Ly still, my Deare; The Chesnut; 2 Maskes; 7 Courantes; The fairest Nimphes the valleys or mountaines ever bred; The Scots' Marche; Prince Rupert's March; One of ye Symphonies; 3 Sarabandes; When the king enjoyes his owne againe; Trumpet tune; Essex' Last good night; The Souldier's delight; Rupert's Retraite; Now the springe is comme; Oh Jesu meeke; Could thine incomparable eye; Mock-Nightingale; What if the King should come to ye City; The King's complaint; My Delyght; The faithfull brothers; The Finnex; The Spaynard; An Irish Toy.
Before 1656
Manuscript Number: Add. Ms 10337; Hughes-Hughes vol.iii, 107. Ritson's Manuscript. See J. Stevens: Music and Poetry at the Early Tudor Court London, 1961, 351ff: MB 4, MB 36).; Type: Ms.
Genre: Instrumental Chamber Music: Keyboard: Virginal Solos
     Reel: 13

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