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A.B.C. with pictures and verses.
Northampton, A.P. Merrifield. [182-?]
[3]-10 p.; illus.; 8 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 1

Abadie, Paul.
     The Fireman, and other poems.
New York, Geo. F. Bunee, Printer. 1852
133 p.
     Reel: 1, No. 1

The Abandoned: a sketch of life as it may be found in New England.
Boston, Redding and Co. 1848
[5], 6-32 p.
     Reel: 1, No. 5

Abbey, Henry, 1842-1911.
     May dreams.
New York, Abbey & Abbot. 1862
vi p., 1 p.l., [9]-143 p.; 19 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 2

Abbey, Henry, 1842-1911.
     Ralph, and other poems.
Rondout, N.Y., Horatio Fowks; New York, N. Tibbals. 1866
64 p.; 17.5 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 3

Abbey, Henry, 1842-1911.
     Stories in verse.
New York, A.D.F. Randolph & Co. 1869
[6], 128 p.; 18 cm.; Half-title.
     Reel: 1, No. 4

Abbot, Abiel.
     The spirit of the temperance pledge: a poem, written for the celebration of the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and delivered before the Washington temperance benevolent societies and citizens of Jersey City ... July 4, 1843 ... [and two Odes].
New York, J. M. Elliott. 1844
24 p.; 13 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 6

Abbott, A.
     A blow at the serpent's head.
New Haven, J.M. Patten. 1840
Original poems against the vices of the tongue with others on intemperance, revenge, etc.; 24 p.; 19 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 7

Abbott, Mary Persons (Briggs), 1823-1849.
     Poetical and prose writings of Mrs. Mary P. Abbott.
Painesville, Ohio, Scofield's book and job office. 1851
91 p.; 14 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 5

Abington (Mass.).
     Celebration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of Abington, Massachusetts, June 10, 1862.
Boston, Wright & Potter, printers. 1862
including the oration, poem, and other exercises.; 114, [1] p.; front. (plan) 23.5 cm.; Half-title.
     Reel: 1, No. 6

About ships and other vessels.
Worcester, H.J. Howland. [185-?]
8 p.; illus.; 8 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 7.1

Account of the golden wedding of James and Mary Brewster, Sept. 18, 1860.
New Haven, T.J. Stafford, printer. 1860
Printed at the request of their children.; [7], 10-28 p.; front., ports. 22.5 cm.; Half-title.
     Reel: 1, No. 7

An Account of the great fire which destroyed about 250 buildings in Newburyport, on the night of the 31st of May, 1811.
Newburyport, Printed by W. & J. Gilman. 1811
Taken principally from the statements which have appeared in the public newspaper. 2d ed., imp.; 1 p.l., 23, [1] p.; illus.
     Reel: 47, No. 1342

An Account of the pirates, with divers of their speeches, letters, &c. and a poem made by one of them: who were executed at Newport, on Rhode-Island, July 19th, 1723.
[n.p.] Reprinted. 1769
[16] p.; 16.5 cm.
     Reel: 1, No. 3

An Account of the remarkable conversion of a little girl; also, A song for my brother sailor.
Palmer [Mass.] Printed by E. Terry. 1814
12 p.
     Reel: 1, No. 4

Ad interim and ad outerim; or confidential disclosures of state secrets, by the correspondent of the "Alaska refrigerator"
Washington D.C., John C. Parker. 1868
2ed.; 31 p.; illus.
     Reel: 1, No. 8

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