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Abbey, James.
     California. A trip across the plains, in the spring of 1850, being a daily record of incidents of the trip.
New Albany, Ind., Kent & Norman, and J.R. Nunemacher. 1850
containing valuable information to emigrants.
     Fiche: 14146-14146b

Abert, James William.
     Report of Lieut. J.W. Abert, of his examination of New Mexico, in the years 1846-'47.
Washington. 1848
     Fiche: 13602-13604

Adams, James Capen.
     The hair-breadth escapes and adventures of "Grizzly Adams," in catching and conquering the wild animals included in his California menagerie.
New York. 1860
Written by himself.
     Fiche: 70573-70574

Aimard, Gustave.
     The Trail Hunter.
London, Ward and Lock. 1863
A tale of the far west.
     Fiche: 70575-70584

Aldrich, Lorenzo D.
     A journal of the overland route to California and the gold mines.
Lansingburgh, N.Y., Alexr. Kirkpatrick, printer. 1851
     Fiche: 13756-13756a

Allen, A.J., Miss.
     Ten Years in Oregon.
Ithaca, N.Y., Mack, Andrus, & Co., printers. 1848
Travels and adventures of Doctor E. White and lady west of the Rocky mountains; with incidents of two sea voyages via. Sandwich islands around Cape Horn; containing also a brief history of the missions and settlement of the country.
     Fiche: 33959-33969

Allen, Obridge.
     Allen's guide book and map to the gold fields of Kansas & Nebraska and Great Salt Lake City.
Washington, printed by R.A. Allen. 1859
     Fiche: 13655-13655a

American Enterprise.
St. Louis, Missouri Gazette. 1813
In Missouri Gazette, St. Louis, Saturday, May 13, 1813.
     Fiche: 12789-12789

Anderson, David.
     The Net in the Bay; or, Journal of a Visit to Moose and Albany.
London, T; Hatchard. 1854
By the bishop of Rupert's land.
     Fiche: 13461-13463a

Angelo, C. Aubrey.
     Sketches of travel in Oregon and Idaho.
New York, printed for the author by L.D. Robertson. 1866
with map of South Boise.
     Fiche: 13912-13914

Armijo, Antonio.
     Diario como comandante, Californias, nomgrado por el Sr. Gefe pazz politico de este territorio del N. Mexico, ciudadano Jose Antonio Chavez, y es en la forma que sigue.
     Fiche: 13695-13695

Atchison City Directory, and Business Mirror for 1860-61.
Indianapolis, James Sutherland, publisher and compiler. 1860
     Fiche: 13521-13522

Audubon, John James.
     From the Far West.
Letter to Gideon B. Smith of Baltimore, dated Fort Union, June 13, 1843.
     Fiche: 13901-13901

Audubon, John Woodhouse.
     Illustrated notes of an expedition through Mexico and California.
New York, published by J.W. Audubon, 34 Liberty Street. 1852
     Fiche: 14023-14024

Averill, Charles E.
     Kit Carson, the Prince of the Gold Hunters.
Boston, G.H. Williams. 1849
     Fiche: 13739-13740a

Back, George, Sir.
     Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the Mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in the years 1833, 1834, and 1835.
London, J. Murray. 1836
     Fiche: 12623-12630a

Baker, Hozial H.
     Overland Journey to Carson Valley, Utah.
Seneca Fall, N.Y., published by F.M. Baker. 1861
     Fiche: 13899-13899a

Ball, John.
     Remarks Upon the Geology, and Physical Features of the Country West of the Rocky Mountains.
with Miscellaneous Facts.
     Fiche: 70585-70585

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