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American Fiction, 1774-1910

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American Fiction, 1774-1910


As the modern nation evolved, America witnessed tumultuous changes in every aspect of society, from politics and religion to economics and morality. Contemporary fiction reflected these radical shifts, as writers attempted to make sense of the changing world around them. This collection will appeal both to the researcher who seeks insights into a culture in turmoil, and to the scholar who is interested in exploring these texts as works of art in their own right.

American Fiction, 1774-1910 contains pre-1900 works taken directly from Lyle H. Wrights American Fiction: A Contribution Towards a Bibliography (San Marino, California, 1965-69); and post-1900 works from the Library of Congress List of American Adult Fiction. This collection includes 10,800 novels, romances, tales, short stories, fictitious biographies, travels and sketches, allegories and tract-like tales typifying the development of American literature in a changing culture. A standard reference work for literary scholars, librarians and historians, Wrights collection on microfilm--perhaps one of the most comprehensive in existence--will be an asset to libraries providing source material on American literature.

American Fiction, 1774-1910 provides the user with access to rare editions of the texts as they first appeared, as well as access to the works of minor authors whose writings may be difficult to obtain from other sources. A copy of American Prose Fiction, 1774-1900: Cumulative Author Index accompanies each order to provide ease of access to the filmed materials. The index is arranged alphabetically, with bibliographic entries based on Lyle H. Wrights bibliographies American Fiction 1774-1850, 1851-75, and 1876-1900. American Fiction, 1901-1910: Cumulative Author Index to the Microfilm Collection was compiled using the same criteria employed by Wright.